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Hi!I would choose to recognize the specs(HP and torque) because that the ford F-150 1995 5.8L injection engine. Ns would likewise like to recognize what is the difference between the normal and also the lightning. Lot of web page don"t tell the same thing about hp and torques lbs and they additionally tell about lightning performance. What do a lightning? Also, how deserve to i rise this engine a little with minimal cost?Thank"sJustin
The an initial gen. Lightnings used a 351w with cast iron GT-40 heads rather of the share E7TE truck heads. The GT-40 heads had actually 1.84/1.54" valves and bigger runners, together opposed come the 1.78/1.45 valves in the E7TE"s. I can be mistaken, but I likewise believe they offered a roller cam. Ns don"t know the power specs ~ above either, I"m guessing approximately 220-230hp, 300-320lb/ft because that a share 5.8L EFI, yet I really have actually no idea. The lightning will be contempt higher.

3000 - and factory roller cams - speed densidy 5.8 had 205 hp and also 300 tq in ~ the very same rpm - the lightning ( an initial gen ) have actually the ubove pointed out gt 40 heads and intake - that looks more like a mustang engine ( single throttle human body ) 245 hp and also 340 tq - i have actually a 95 5.8 fixed air with 255k and still runs great - ( though i dont think it still has the 215 hp )
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Thank"sThe engine is 1995 and also automatic(for now). I want to placed it in prior of a np435. Wich bellhousing and also clutch that take? had actually look at ebay however belllhousing and clutch compatibility engine seem to avoid at 1994 worrying engine...What"s the problem with 1995 engine? What perform i should put the np435? carry out all the 351 have actually the same bellhousing bolt pattern?Thank you!Justin

There"s nothing different around a 1995 351w, it"s just that by the point, the 4 rate was ultimately dead, and only the ZF 5 speed(integral bell) was offered behind it. Any kind of 300 I-6, van 302, or 351W bellhousing will occupational for your application. The fun part may be finding a flywheel, it needs to be from a 351W(mid 82-97 in a truck) or pre 81 302 to have actually the exactly imbalance. I can probably ring you increase the parts here, but, by the moment they were shipped, it"d more than likely be much more cost efficient to purchase a new flywheel...
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yes. That is used to having actually an auto transmission to control. You can probably obtain a chip created it to make the computer ignore the fact there is no transmission. Your truck "should" run tho.
Thank"s guys. I will shot in a couple weeks and let friend know...for the computer
What space you doing through the truck? If the sees the freeway I"d think about a ZF5. The ZF gets you overdrive and still has a respectable granny first. Little harder to find and also generally an ext expensive though. Together others have actually said, basically any kind of 4.9, 5.0 or 5.8 SBF hand-operated transmission will bolt approximately your motor.Is your 95 MAF? Or was that just a CA thing? If so you"ll likely run right into some computer system problems. I have a friend that a go a ZF5 swap ~ above a MAF 95 so its absolutely possible.I placed a ZF5 in mine 90, unplugged the exploit to the E4OD and also the motor ran fine, didn"t also throw a examine engine light, it would certainly idle high once in a while when stopped but really ran fairly well.

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