Model Year Body/Powertrain MPG
2000 2000 4dr SUV 260-hp 5.4L V8 4-sp automatic RWD 13.85 See detailsSee all data
With the turbocharged 210hp 3.0L V6 Diesel engine, 7-speed shiftable automatic transmission, and also all-wheel drive, the 2000 Ford expedition has to be averaging 13.85 MPG (miles per gallon).

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The 2000 Ford expeditions in this evaluation were driven greatly on the highway at an mean speed of 63 miles per hour (about 62.5 percent of the miles driven). The remainder of the miles were in the city (2.5 percent), in the suburbs (0 percent), and in heavy traffic (0 percent). In addition, the average 2000 Ford expedition in this evaluation was driven on flat terrain v a light foot and the AC not supplied at all.

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Ford exploration Real Gas Mileage: Pros
20084dr SUV 300-horsepower 5.4L V86-speed automatically 4WD w/low rangeAmazing fuel ecomomy for size....17.5 mpg overall, have hit over 20 mpg on 5 tanks, high is 22 mpg. 6-speed auto had actually 2 overdrives.see complete Ford exploration review
Ford exploration Real Gas Mileage: Cons
20140 Seriously, what a pig. No towing - greatly highway (over 400 miles worth) but some city driving also - in 600 miles, we averaged 13.9 MPG. The car"s computer appears reasonably exact (as a rental, I do not recognize if it to be really complete when picked up however the second tank MPG to be within 0.5 MPG of mine calculation based on mileage). Yes, over there were generally 6 passengers (4 adults, 2 kids) and also the AC punch (front and also rear) to combate the Texas heat, however I was light v the thottle and also it was quite flat.I am well aware no one will certainly buy one of these based on gas mileage but this performance is just abysmal. Hopefully the next generation will certainly improve.see complete Ford exploration review
20074dr SUV 300-horsepower 5.4L V86-speed automatic 4WD w/low rangeIt weights 3 tons, so fuel economy is no going to be great, however 13-14mpg in town and also near 20mpg on the high method is achievable.see complete Ford expedition review
20054dr SUV 300-horsepower 5.4L V84-speed automatic RWD13 in the city, 18 ~ above the road, not bad but a diesel would certainly be bettersee full Ford expedition review
20044dr SUV 260-horsepower 5.4L V84-speed automatically 4WD w/low rangeVehicle is expensive come operatesee complete Ford exploration review
20034dr SUV 232-horsepower 4.6L V84-speed automatic 4WD w/low range10.7 mpg. Should say more?see full Ford expedition review
20004dr SUV 260-horsepower 5.4L V84-speed automatically RWDThe 5.4 l engine gulps fuel. Usually get 14 about town and best that 18 mph on highway if basic on the throttle. Most likely all that can be intended of such a heavy car with high wind resistance.see complete Ford expedition review

2000 Ford expedition Gas purpose of use (MPG)

Unlike various other fuel economic situation surveys,"s Real-World Gas mileage Survey has questions around how and where a car was driven. So you can get an idea that the Ford Expedition"s real-world MPG based on how and where you journey a car.

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