The Ford escape was introduced in 2001 together Ford’s entry into the two-row mid-size SUV segment. The original version was draft in conjunction v Mazda, and shared many components with the Mazda Tribute, and also with the Mercury Mariner.

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At the time it to be introduced, the 2008 Ford escape Hybrid (shown below) was billed as the many fuel reliable SUV offered in the unified States, with the former wheel journey version transferring 34 city and also 30 highway miles per gallon, while the four wheel drive version hauled under 29 city and also 27 highway. (The non-hybrid 2008-2012 to escape was available with one of two people a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder or a 3.0 liter six.) The escape Hybrid was readily available through the 2012 version year.


The to escape is all new for 2013, with a sleek brand-new crossover design and also a an option of three various engines.

The naturally aspirated 2.5-liter Duratec inline four is rated in ~ 22 city / 31 highway. The 1.6-liter EcoBoost is rated at 23/33 in FWD and also 22/30 in 4WD. The top-of-the-line 2.0-liter EcoBoost is rated at 22/33 in FWD and 12/28 in 4WD. We recently reviewed the 2013 Ford escape Titanium AWD:

We invested a week check driving the 2008 Ford escape Hybrid and were amazed in ~ how great the gas mileage remained in the city and at lower speeds. Examine out ours Ford escape Hybrid review:

Ford to escape Gas usage – 2001-2013

Year Manf. design Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)223125Regular
2013FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)223025Regular
2013FordEscape FWD4 cyl.1.6 literAuto (S6)233326Regular
2013FordEscape AWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)212824Regular
2013FordEscape AWD4 cyl.1.6 literAuto (S6)223025Regular
2012FordEscape Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)343132Regular
2012FordEscape Hybrid AWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)302729Regular
2012FordEscape FWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd192521FlexFuel
2012FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd212823Regular
2012FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd232825Regular
2012FordEscape AWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182320FlexFuel
2012FordEscape AWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd202723Regular
2011FordEscape Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)343132Regular
2011FordEscape Hybrid 4WD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)302729Regular
2011FordEscape FWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd192521FlexFuel
2011FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd232825Regular
2011FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd212823Regular
2011FordEscape 4WD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182320FlexFuel
2011FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd202622Regular
2010FordEscape Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)343132Regular
2010FordEscape Hybrid 4WD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)302729Regular
2010FordEscape FWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd192521FlexFuel
2010FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd212823Regular
2010FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd222824Regular
2010FordEscape 4WD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182320FlexFuel
2010FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd202622Regular
2009FordEscape Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)343132Regular
2009FordEscape Hybrid 4WD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)292728Regular
2009FordEscape FWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182621Regular
2009FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd222824Regular
2009FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd202823Regular
2009FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd172420Regular
2009FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd192521Regular
2008FordEscape Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)343032Regular
2008FordEscape Hybrid 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)292728Regular
2008FordEscape FWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd182420Regular
2008FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd202622Regular
2008FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd222824Regular
2008FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd172219Regular
2008FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd192421Regular
2007FordEscape Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)312930Regular
2007FordEscape Hybrid 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)282727Regular
2007FordEscape FWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd182320Regular
2007FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd202421Regular
2007FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd212723Regular
2007FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd172119Regular
2007FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd182320Regular
2007FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202522Regular
2006FordEscape Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)302829Regular
2006FordEscape Hybrid 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)282627Regular
2006FordEscape FWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd182320Regular
2006FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd202321Regular
2006FordEscape FWD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd212723Regular
2006FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd172119Regular
2006FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd182220Regular
2006FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd192421Regular
2005FordEscape Hybrid 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)282627Regular
2005FordEscape Hybrid 2WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto (CVT)302829Regular
2005FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd162017Regular
2005FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd172018Regular
2005FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd192421Regular
2005FordEscape 2WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd172319Regular
2005FordEscape 2WD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd192321Regular
2005FordEscape 2WD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd212724Regular
2004FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd162218Regular
2004FordEscape 2WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd172319Regular
2004FordEscape 2WD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd202522Regular
2003FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd162118Regular
2003FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd192321Regular
2003FordEscape 2WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd172319Regular
2003FordEscape 2WD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd202522Regular
2002FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd162218Regular
2002FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd192321Regular
2002FordEscape 2WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd172319Regular
2002FordEscape 2WD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd202522Regular
2001FordEscape 4WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd162218Regular
2001FordEscape 4WD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd202421Regular
2001FordEscape 2WD6 cyl.3 literAuto 4-spd162218Regular
2001FordEscape 2WD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd212623Regular

Basic tactics for Fuel Economy advancement in the Ford escape

Mindful maintenance methods for the Escape incorporate all the usual suspects: switch to low-rolling-resistance tires, swap every fluids because that synthetics, and including an inexpensive OBDII driver feedback device (such as the AutoMeter EcoMeter or ScanGaugeE) if the car is not equipped with an instant MPG gauge native the factory.

Using an prompt MPG display will aid you become a more fuel efficient driver by by letting you know how and also when to lighten up your foot and also use inertia to your best advantage.

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Low roll resistance tires options for the escape include:

Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 EcopiaContinental CrossContact LX20 EcoPlusGoodyear Assurance CS Fuel MaxPirelli Scorpion Verde all SeasonGeneral Grabber HTS

Generally speaking, SUVs offer significant potential for better gas mileage through aerodynamic improvements, but many that these options hinge on an individual aesthetics. For example: friend might consider a collection of lowering springs and also the removed of roof racks and other bolt-ons the interrupt smooth airflow. However you can not be willing to give up the floor clearance or ability to strap cargo onto the roof.