I"m acquiring P0136 financial institution 1 sensor 2 circuit malfunction from mine Toyota Camry 4 cylinder, i beg your pardon from past experience way I have to replace it. I"ve changed the O2 sensor in the exhaust manifold before. However, is sensor 2 the sensor in the exhaust manifold, or is it the one under the car?



Bank 1 Sensor 2 have to be the sensor downstream the the catalytic converter. Financial institution 1 Sensor 1 would be upstream of the catalytic converter. With a 4 cylinder, everything should be bank 1 (No financial institution 2).

So, financial institution 1 Sensor 2 have to be the one under the car. The one on/at the exhaust manifold must be bank 1 Sensor 1.

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You could eyeball the wiring and also / or inspect it with a multimeter, it"s possible you"ve just got a broken wire or a poor ground. Here"s a video. Girlfriend can also use a scan tool and see what the powertrain controller is seeing on a automobile with OBDII.


After the catalytic converter.

Look up multiple pictures on financial institution 1 Sensor 2 ~ above YOUCANIC.

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