I just live 4-5 blocks from work-related in a little Ohio town. When I carry out travel top top a 4 lane, which is rare, i don't exceed 65 MPH. I'm making use of a quarter tank that gas every 7 days. The ahead owner gotten rid of the share air cleaner & set up a cone shame filter. I'm only getting around 10 MPG. Any kind of suggestions on how to better this ? Thanks.

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Truth be told, your engine more than likely never yes, really gets to operating temperature. It's no the waiting fitler or anything prefer that - the engine needs to be warm to run most efficiently. As long as friend live so close (a an excellent problem!), you will never really maximize your engine's efficiency.
Agree through Dave, fill the tank v gas, zero odometer and drive auto on the freeway 50 mile (at operating temperature) refill tank and calculate fuel consumption based on gallons provided vs mile driven.
I'll give this a try. If it's still poor after a 50 mile trip, I'll gain a track up at a neighborhood Ford garage. If it's still negative after that, it'll need to go ... Especially because gas simply hit 3.03 around here. Thanks
Just to monitor up - the only vehicle that will do you any far better is a hybrid...probably a plugin one the is just starting to come out. This is a kind of auto that only runs the engine to charge the battery or drive much faster than about town. Appropriate for her situation, although in ~ a premium price.Sure, the V6 in this van is not specifically a snapshot of fuel economy, but no car or truck does well v fuel on brief trips.Save her money - the track up will do small or naught to help you.
I require a small pickup come haul about lawn care equipment in the grass cutting season. I don't think there's a hybrid pickup out there yet. Perhaps a Chevy S10 or GMC Canyon ... I'll inspect those out. Ns think lock come in 4 cyl. 4WD which ns need.
Just FYI, the Chevy or GMC will perform you very small better. The 4x4 is tough on you as well. Just saying that when you figure on costs and such, you'll finish up spending an ext on a different truck as much as increase front costs and will have actually negligible improvements in economy.
So room you saying, any kind of pickup, 4/6/8 cyl., 4wd, small, medium, large body, new or old ... Is going come get poor gas purpose of use if not driven much more than 5 mile or therefore ?
There's much more to it than simply that - what room you hauling? the can number in too. Because that example, you might use as lot or an ext fuel with a 4 cylinder pulling a fill rather than a 6 cylinder an ext up come the challenge. And yes, it's true that all engines prior to getting to operation temperature use more fuel. Just how much more - one verses the other -- difficult to really gauge, when figuring every the variables.
Mostly I will certainly be hauling lawn treatment equipment ... Press mowers, trimmer, gas, oil, chain witnessed ... Little tools ... Mabe a tiny flat bed trailer one day ...

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Any weight at every diminishes economy. Not to cite wind traction on points sticking out. It's type of splitting hairs, really. I guess I just want come make sure you have actually the facts prior to you shell out a bunch the cash for virtually little or no improvement. You have actually a peppy little truck in a 4.0L V6 Ranger the is basically produced what you arrangement to use it for. Sure, you could spend part cash and down dimension the engine, however when you number out the dollars and also sense...if you conserve 3 miles per gallon, that way that friend will gain an extra say...45 miles per tank. 45 miles per tank will price you 4.5 gallons that gas currently (you state friend are obtaining 10 mpg), about what...$13.50? at a rate of 50 mile traveled per week, or 2600 miles every year, that's 86 gallons per year saved...a total of (at $3.25 a gallon) $280 saved per year.$280 conserved per year. How much is a brand-new truck?!? That's every I'm acquiring at... Best of luck one of two people way, and also happy brand-new year.