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So my 06 odyssey has an aux switch on radio yet I can’t seem to discover the port?? i searched whereby they usually are in cars favor glove box in the compartment under climate controls. And also no luck? Is over there a button on radio due to the fact that it’s no the original or am I remote or carry out I require a kit. ??? help this noob v odyssey ???

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There is no Aux port easily accessible in Honda Odyssey 2006. I have actually LX version of the exact same car. The Aux port is available behind the radio. You have to run the cable indigenous behind the radio. Ns bought cable from ebayHere is the YouTube attach for installation instructions.

Not in a 2005 - 2007. Not certain if that is in 2008 and also 2009. Ns am certain it is in the 2010 however it might have been in 2008+
There is no Aux port accessible in Honda Odyssey 2006. I have actually LX design of the exact same car. The Aux harbor is easily accessible behind the radio. You need to run the cable from behind the radio. I bought cable indigenous ebayHere is the YouTube attach for installation instructions.
Actually, the greater end Gen3 has actually them in the third row driver"s side arm rest. They space the A/V kind connectors. Pretty sure it"s just in models v RES and that in 08 they added a jack in the front. Mine 07 has it and also if I operation a long cord come it I can use my phone come play v the head unit. I setup on including one to the front, inspect out the object I added to this write-up for an ext info.

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The 2006 Honda Odyssey LX, EX, EXL (and possibly higher trims) did no come with a manufacturing facility AUX input port. The cable bundle that is plugged right into the ago of the manufacturing facility radio significant AUX leader to a similar (male) plug that is located on the left side footwell. Earlier in the day, there were promotions where you"d acquire "free" XM Radio for a couple of months and the receiver to be attached come the plugin the left next footwell (was not offered at the time we bought ours 06). Girlfriend can uncover an AUX-interface ~ above the internet and also install the so you can affix your maker to the earphone calculation or with a bluetooth adapter.Another alternative would it is in to swap out the manufacturing facility radio with an aftermarket dash adapter and radio through bluetooth, aux inputs/etc. You"d gain information around what is playing, and you"d have the ability to get hands free calling--the radio mutes while you space on the phone.Hope this helps.