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I"m acquiring horrible gas mileage in mine 07" R/T road/track top top the highway. I"m just avering approximately 15.5 MPG. What deserve to i check into as to why i"m gaining this horrible mileage. Just mod is a drop-in K&N.



the milage sounds ideal to cant mean to get an excellent gas milage in this #$! gain the muscle an ext then the saving gas part
I"ve had the automobile for 3,000 miles,so no i have actually not adjusted the plugs. And also from what i"ve read,15.5 MPG is not a good highway MPG because that these cars. It also feels choose it"s absent at idle.

if your driving largely high means then you shud quickly beat the 300 mark . Right now im at 180 mile at fifty percent a tank . Yet the 2nd half that the tank walk by so much faster
I would adjust the plugs clean the accelerator body, check your wait filter. 15.5 on the hwy is no good, I obtain 22 hwy v my modded 6.1. Additionally hows the oil look if girlfriend don"t know the critical time the was adjusted I would adjust it.Of food if friend mash the gas and do 80 it"s no going to gain very great mileage.
The oil looked an excellent as the 300 mile ago.. Waiting filter looks good.. Space the coils or coil packs known for going negative on this cars?

I would readjust the plugs clean the throttle body, examine your air filter. 15.5 top top the hwy is not good, I obtain 22 hwy with my modded 6.1. Additionally hows the oil look if friend don"t understand the last time it was readjusted I would adjust it.Of food if you mash the gas and also do 80 it"s not going to acquire very great mileage.
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Use the stock Champion copper main point plugs, also I would certainly not it is in wasting my $$$ ~ above 93 oct gas it"s not doing girlfriend any an excellent go come 89 oct gas and save a little $$$ it will run simply as good. I think the space is .44 it is what that is on my 5.7 Ram.
Most that us simply replace them v the manufacturing facility Champions, thats what mine installer did on mine once we go the engine work.. These Hemi"s don"t often tend to prefer the E3 plugs, rather a couple of have thrown mis fire codes once running this plugs..
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I can get 25 come 26 top top the highway my median is 19 on the EVIC and also thats through lots of quick accelerations so something needs to be wrong
Dude, think it or not, mine mileage actually raised in my R/T once I go from 93 to 91 gas, and the responsiveness improved as well. I"d clean her up an excellent like anyone else is saying and also then move to 91, view if that makes a difference.
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Trading Muscle for an excellent Gas Mileage
I gain an mean of around 19.8 a gallon in mine car, a 2007 SRT8. And also I"m driving about 70% on the highway. Due to the fact that I commute practically 100 miles a day, I just EXPECT to need to buy gas a few times a week. I have actually no trouble sacrificing great gas mileage because that muscle. Ns love my Charger! ns can"t wait to obtain into my car to walk to work in the morning! It"s no the job, it"s the car...crazy, however true :4-looney:
I have a mix of highway and ago roads driving and I get roughly 17-18 MPG. 15.5 seems really short for highway unless you a mashing down on the gas.

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