maximum Towing capacity - 9200 lb

The maximum weight the Ford F-250 is permitted to tow. The maximum trailer weights provided are only applicable because that altitudes up to 3280 ft (1,000 m) over sea level. With raising altitude the engine power and therefore the car's climbing capacity are impaired because of the decreased air density, so the preferably trailer weight needs to be diminished accordingly. The load of the car and trailer must be diminished by 10% because that every more 3280 ft (1,000 m) (or part thereof).

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Gross car Weight Rating (GVWR) - 8800 lb

This is the maximum quantity of load Ford F-250 is rated to lug (engine, chassis, fluids, passengers, cargo, pack - everything). The is often figured out by the manufacturer and is indicated in the owner's hand-operated or ~ above the within of the drive's door panel.

Curb weight - 5628 lb

This is how much Ford F-250 weighs sit on the curb v no driver, passengers, no cargo and no load with all typical options.

Payload capacity - 3172 lb

Payload is taken into consideration all the extra stuff you put inside her vehicle, even if it is it be passenger or a heap of rocks, the weight is all thought about payload. You deserve to increase it by:

1) Upgrading the behind Springs.

2) adding Coil-Over Shock Absorbers.

3) installing a much longer Truck Bed.

4) attaching a Trailer.

5) adding Bed Racks.

front Gross Axle weight Rating (GAWR) - 3800 lb

It is the maximum allowable load that can be inserted on a prior axle of her Ford F-250.

behind Gross Axle load Rating (GAWR) - 5892 lb

It is the preferably allowable load that can be placed on a rear axle of your Ford F-250.

When organizing exhilarating trips outside, friend will must remember the 2010 Ford F-250 towing capacity, i beg your pardon is the an essential attribute because that such venture. The towing capacity in truth is the vehicle's best amount of weight that it might safely pull. This data have the right to usually be viewed on a sticker located on the inside of the driver's front door alongside the door latch. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) will be the greatest operating weight (which has cargo and passengers) and also ought no to it is in violated. As a rule, the body weight of any kind of trailer gift pulled is compelled to stay within 10-15 % of the GVWR.

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Down the page, we carry out the data about the towing volume of the 2010 Ford F-250 v all trims and also generations. You re welcome be mindful the best towing weight have the right to vary considerably according to the braking system of what is gift pulled. In instance a trailer attributes its very own breaks then its "braked capacity". Top top the contrary, it really is unbraked capacity. When buying the future trailer, you have to take into account that the weight and also ranking is extract from the trailer's manufacturer plus all of the extra payload girlfriend will put in it need to never go over the 2010 Ford F-250 towing capacity. Violating this necessary tip will affect your capability to control and make a full stop in time and also can eventually cause long term damage to your automobile or also trigger accidents on the roads.


Drivers must not exceed the Ford F-250 towing capacity as it deserve to have serious consequences such as interfering with your car's breaking ability