So you want to division your portion 1/5 by your entirety number 2, right? You"re in the best place. In this an easy walkthrough guide, we"ll display you precisely what you need to do to division any portion by a whole number (it"s super simple). Keep analysis to discover out!

If you"ve ready any kind of of our portion walkthroughs before, you"ll understand we constantly kick the display off through a quick recap because that the kids. The number over the splitting line is the numerator, and the number below the line is the denominator. Straightforward stuff yet sometimes we can all acquire a tiny forgetful!

To visualize the question we are trying come solve, let"s put 1/5 and also 2 side-by-side therefore it"s less complicated to see:

So here is the very easy method to number out what 1/5 divided by 2 is. All we must do below is keep the numerator exactly the very same (1) and multiple the denominator by the totality number:

Can it maybe be that merely to divide a fraction by a whole number? Yup. I dislike to disappointed you yet this can be the easiest trouble you"ve had to deal with all work long!

In some situations the new portion we have actually after performing the calculation can be streamlined down additional to lower terms but, in this case, the portion is already in its shortest form.

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You"re done! You now know precisely how to calculate 1/5 separated by 2. Hope you construed the procedure and have the right to use the same techniques to divide various other fractions by totality numbers.

Convert 1/5 divided by 2 to Decimal

Here"s a small bonus calculation for you to easily work out the decimal format of the portion we calculated. Once you have your last fraction, simply divide the molecule by the denominator to acquire your price in decimal form:

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