A dozen, a gross, and a scorePlus 3 times the square root of fourDivided through sevenPlus five times elevenIs ripe squared and also not a little more.I think this is very entertaining, for this reason I wonder if over there is any comparable limerick/hunterriverpei.com poem.



$$int_1^sqrt<3>3 t^2hunterriverpei.comrmdtcdotcosleft(frac3pi9 ight)=ln(sqrt<3>e)$$$$ extIntegral t squared dt,$$$$ extfrom 1 come the cube root of $3$,$$$$ exttimes the cosine,$$$$ extof 3 pi end $9$,$$$$ extequals log of the cube source of $e$.$$

You can find some much more here: http://www.trotterhunterriverpei.com.net/humor/limricks.html


Assuming the Schnaderhuepfel space the (south?) German indistinguishable of limericks, I market the following, which ns heard indigenous my dad (but the misspellings space my own):

Mir fehlt nur ein Hilfssatz,

Dann bin ich ein Gauss.

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Doch den Hilfssatz, den Hilfssatz,

Den krieg ich nicht raus.


$egingroup$ 'I lack only a beneficial set, ns am a Gaussian, yet the alternative collection - the auxiliary set, I battle not out.' - the boundaries of an equipment translation! $endgroup$
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