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When you set pagination options, girlfriend can control where automatic web page break are put or override automatic web page breaks.

Important: The complying with procedures assume the you space in print layout view. If you room not in publish layout view, top top the View menu, click Print Layout.

Do any kind of of the following:

Keep currently together

You have the right to keep every lines that a paragraph with each other on a web page or in a pillar so the the i is no split between two pages.

Select the lines the you want to store together.

On the Format menu, click Paragraph, and also then click the Line and also Page Breaks tab.

Select the Keep present together examine box.

Keep paragraphs together

You have the right to keep paragraphs together, such together a heading and also the following paragraph, top top a web page or in a column.

Select the paragraphs the you desire to save together top top a page.

On the Format menu, click Paragraph, and then click the Line and Page Breaks tab.

Select the Keep through next examine box.

Always pressure a web page break before a paragraph

If you desire a specific paragraph in your document always to appear at the height of a page, set a web page break come occur prior to the paragraph.

Select the paragraph that you desire to monitor the web page break.

On the Format menu, click Paragraph, and then click the Line and also Page Breaks tab.

Select the Page break before inspect box.

Control widow and also orphan lines

By default, Word avoids the last line of a paragraph from showing up at the top or bottom that a page.

Select the paragraphs in i beg your pardon you desire to manage widow and also orphan.

On the Format menu, click Paragraph, and then click the Line and Page Breaks tab.

Select the Widow/Orphan control check box.

Prevent a table row from breaking throughout a page

Click the table.

On the Table menu, click Table Properties, and also then click the Row tab.

Clear the Allow row to break throughout pages examine box.

Insert a manual line break

A hands-on line break ends the existing line and also continues the text on the following line. Part paragraph styles encompass extra space before every paragraph. Come omit this extra an are between brief lines the text, such as those in an address block or a poem, insert a manual line rest after each line rather of pushing RETURN .

Click where you want to break a line.

Press transition + RETURN .

Word inserts a hand-operated line rest (


Tip: To view hands-on line breaks, ~ above the Standard toolbar, click .

Insert a hand-operated page break

Word inserts automatic web page breaks based upon how your document is collection up. However, you can manually insert a page break in a specific location.

Click whereby you desire to begin a brand-new page.

In native 2011 because that Mac, top top the Document Elements tab, under Insert Pages, click Break, and then click Page.


In word 2016 because that Mac, in the Insert menu, walk to Break and also click Page Break.

Tip: In indigenous 2011 for Mac, girlfriend can likewise insert a hand-operated page break by pressing transition + get in . If the RETURN and ENTER tricks on your key-board are the same key, press shift + FN + go into .

In word 2016 for Mac, press COMMAND + RETURN.

Delete a hand-operated page break

Select the web page break the you desire to delete.

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If girlfriend don"t watch the web page break, on the Standard toolbar, click .

Press .

If your keyboard does not have actually a  key, hold down change and press the best arrow vital

, and then press DELETE .