At the love of Hansberry"s "A Raisin in the Sun" is the universal article of the desire for social progression amid the different opinions on just how to accomplish it.

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A Raisin in the Sun is a play around an african American family aspiring to move past segregation and also disenfranchisement in 1950s Chicago. In spite of its details era, the job-related speaks universally to the desire to boost one's scenarios while disagreeing on the best means of achieve them.

Lorraine Hansberry (1930-1965) created A Raisin in the Sun using motivation from she years growing up in the segregated southern Side of Chicago. Her father, Carl Augustus Hansberry, was a crusader versus that very segregation.

Just months before her untimely death, the playwright and activist speak out versus how small society had changed: “the trouble is that Negroes are simply as segregated in the city of Chicago currently as they to be then and also my father passed away a disillusioned exile in an additional country.”

Hansberry's book follows the Younger family

Hansberry's Raisin in the Sun is collection in a one-bedroom apartment shared by three generations that the Younger family: Walter and also Ruth, their child Travis, Walter’s sister Beneatha, and also their mom Lena. 

The Younger family is wait for a $10,000 life insurance examine resulting from the father’s current death. The windfall to represent a kind of liberation come the household with the main conflict over exactly how to spend the money. Mama (Lena) puts under a payment ~ above a residence in an all-white community (Clybourne Park), while Walter desires to invest in a liquor store. Mama relents, v the problem that castle carve out $3,000 because that Beneatha’s university education.

On relocating day, a chance to comprise for the shed money comes as soon as a white representative supplies the family a sum of money to stop them native integrating a white neighborhood. Walter kicks the representative out at first, however after his friend runs off v the money — leaving the family’s dreams in jeopardy — he calls the man ago to accept his offer. Trying to justification his decision, Walter screams out to Mama: “I didn’t do this world! it was offered to me this way!” Yet, in the last moments that the play, Walter eventually rejects the offer, and the Younger family members leaves because that their new home.

Hansberry came to be the an initial Black mrs to create a Broadway play

When she set out to write A Raisin in the Sun, Hansberry told she husband, Robert Nemiroff, ''I'm going to create a social drama about Negroes that will be an excellent art.”

Hansberry no only ended up being the an initial Black mrs to compose a Broadway play, however she also made the extraordinary decision to have actually a black color director in ~ the helm (Lloyd Richards). Focused around a complete of 10 leading and also featured roles for african American actors, A Raisin in the Sun do its Broadway debut on in march 11, 1959. Up until then, there had actually only been 10 dramas writer by black playwrights (all men) and also only one, Langston Hughes' Mulatto, it is long a year.

Hansberry's Broadway manufacturing starred Sidney Poitier and quickly came to be a warm ticket, to run over 500 performances. Touring and also international productions followed and a film version was released in 1961 (with the screenplay written by Hansberry — at her insistence — as component of the stipulations of marketing the movie rights).

The play to be nominated for four Tony awards and was called the “best play” by the new York Drama Critics' Circle, make Hansberry the an initial African American and youngest person to victory the award.

Other iterations followed: A Raisin in the Sun was adapted into a Tony award-winning musical in 1975 (Raisin) and was filmed for tv in 1989 v Esther Rolle as the Younger family members matriarch and Danny Glover together Walter.

Hansberry's most-famous job-related has had actually a lasting impact

Since then, Hansberry's most well known work has been twice restored on Broadway this millennium. The 2004 actors was led by Sean Combs together Walter Younger, and also the manufacturing won a featured actress Tony because that Audra McDonald, and Phylicia Rashad ended up being the very first African American come win best Actress in a Play. It to be filmed because that broadcast tv in 2008.

The 2014 production starring Denzel Washington winner Tonys for finest Revival, Featured Actress and Director Kenny Leon (who also directed the 2004 production and 2008 television film).

Hansberry’s story, consisting of the genesis of her best-known work, to be the subject of a recent PBS American masters documentary, Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart, which no only focused on her as a playwright and also journalist but also as one activist.

The activist next of Hansberry is an important quality come distinguish, considering to work is in the DNA that A Raisin in the Sun. Walter asks Mama, Why “Clybourne Park? Mama, over there ain’t no colored civilization living in Clybourne Park.” Mama replies, “Well, ns guess there’s going to be some now... I just tried to uncover the nicest ar for the the very least amount of money because that my family... Them houses they placed up because that colored in castle areas method out constantly seem to cost twice together much.”

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