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A circle is a special figure, and as such has actually parts with special names. Over there are also special angles, lines, and also line segments that space exclusive come circles. In this chapter, us shall examine all of them.

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Circle:To review, acircleis a planar number consisting of all the clues equidistant indigenous a addressed point. Center:That resolved one point is referred to as the center of the circle. Circles are called by specify name the center. Radius:Any segment with one endpoint at the facility of the circle and also the various other endpoint on the one is a radius. (The plural of radius is radii.) Chord:Any segment whose endpoints lie on the circle is a chord. Diameter:Any chord the passes through the center of the circle is a diameter.

In number 1:



Figure 1 Special points and also line segments concerned a circle.

From the meaning of radius and diameter, it is clear the all radii of a circle space equal in length and all diameters the a circle are equal in length.

Secant:Any line that consists of a chord is a secant. Tangent:Any heat in the same aircraft as a circle and intersecting the circle at specifically one allude is a tangent. Point the tangency:The suggest where a tangent heat intersects a one is the point of tangency.

In number 2:



Figure 2 A secant and also a tangent come a circle.

Common tangents:A line that is tangent to 2 circles in the same aircraft is a common tangent. Internal common tangent:A common tangent that intersects the segment joining the centers of 2 circles is one internal usual tangent. External usual tangent:A common tangent that does not intersect the segment authorized the centers of 2 circles is an external common tangent.

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In number 3:

Lineslandmare typical tangents. lis one internal usual tangent. mis one external usual tangent.