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In a current interview with WRIF, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed the French wasn"t the only language that attempted to employ in the chorus the "A Tout Le Monde," Megadeth"s classic 1995 single. It seems he also gave Spanish, German and Japanese a spin.

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"I was a son that favored the Beatles, heard the track "Michelle" and also then in ~ some suggest thought I would sing in a foreign language," Mustaine said, referring to the 1965 Paul McCartney-penned tune, the chorus of i beg your pardon is sung in French."We make the efforts <"A Tout Le Monde"> out in a bunch of various languages; some were good, some were pretty horrific. ... French and also Spanish were easy, but we do the efforts two various other languages, German and Japanese. ~ trying both and having both of them fail simply abysmally, we ended up sticking through French."

The phrase "À tout le monde" is French for "to every the world" or "to everyone"; the song"s chorus—"à tout le monde, à tous mes amis, je vous aime, je dois partir"—translates together follows: "To everyone, to all my friends, i love you, I must leave."

In an earlier interview with Rolling Stone, Mustaine revealed the the track was devoted to his mother.

"I created <"A Tout Le Monde"> for my mommy when she died," that said. "It was type of an epitaph for her. The premise the the song was that my mommy was able come come ago to visit me in a dream and she might say just one point to me, climate it to be off. When I asked her what it was, it was, "I love you." and also that"s what the tune was about."


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