A trait is a characteristics or a morphological type that is express in one organism. There have the right to be two different varieties of traits follow to Mendelian genetics that is Dominant and Recessive trait. They space expressed as result of two various forms the a gene that is referred to as allele.

A dominant allele usually represented by funding letter like T for tall, coincides to leading trait and also this masks the expression of recessive trait. Example- high plant height.

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On the other hand, recessive allele is represented by little letter choose t for dwarf and also corresponds come recessive trait. This properties does not express in the existence of dominant allele.

Example- Dwarf tree height.

recessive trait


A masked trait is well-known as a recessive trait, as result of the trait never ever being may be to be expressed because of a dominant version the the same trait is being portrayed.

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Dominant trait


There space two varieties of trait, recessive and dominant.

A phenotype is an individual"s observable trait and also the hereditary contribution to the phenotype is called the genotype which consists of two duplicates of the allele.

Recessive trait demands two copies of very same the allele come express chin whereas dominant trait need only one allele come express itself.

Dominant trait can exist in homozygous or heterozygous form but when in heterozygous pair it will masks the visibility of various other recessive allele bring about phenotype of dominant allele/trait.

It is a dominant trait
The answer would be dominant trait.

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There are two varieties of traits; dominant and also recessive.A leading trait is constantly expressed in an organism. Definition the trait that it carries will certainly physically manifest in an organism.

A recessive trait in an organism is only expressed if two copies of it room present.If a dominant trait is paired through a recessive properties it will certainly mask the recessive trait. In various other words, the leading trait will be expressed regardless of the recessive trait being present. 

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