All citizen in old Athens took part in government by voting in theSenate.Council of 500.General Assembly.legislative branch.

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All citizens in old Athens took part in federal government by vote in the Senate. Board of directors of 500. Basic Assembly. Legislature branch.
User: All citizens in old Athens took part in federal government by voting in theSenate.Council that 500.General Assembly.legislative All citizens in ancient Athens took component in federal government by voting in the basic ASSEMBLY.Score 1User: Which rule of American federal government is reflected in this passage?republican type of governmentdirect democracyseparation that powersequality of all citizens
You shall no render one unjust judgment; you shall not be partial to the bad or defer to the great: with justice girlfriend shall judge your neighbor. Equality of every citizens is the rule of American federal government reflected in the passage.
In a direct democracy, that votes on federal government policy? senators every citizens representatives only democrats
In an autocracy, what type of strength does the leader hold?He holds all the power.He holds restricted power as an appointee.He is among a group that hold power.He is only a figurehead.
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