L>BIOdotEDUClick below toComponents the CellsThe MacromoleculesTriglyceridesFats and oilsLipids consisting of 3 molecules of fat acids covalently external inspection to one molecule that glycerol are termed triglycerides (or triacylglycerols), however are an ext commonly recognized as fats and oils.

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These molecules are the ultimate type of power storage molecule since of your high calorific value and also the truth that castle can also thermally defend an animal"s body from ns of warm in cold climates.

However, castle are discovered in both animals and plants and also constitute an essential part the the human being diet. The division into fats and also oils is arbitrary and also depends top top the physics state of this molecules at room temperature. Those molecule that are usually solid in ~ room temperature (plant or animal) are termed fats, if those that room liquids at room temperature space termed oils. These last are usually found in plants, yet fish likewise store liquid creates of triglythrade (fish oils).

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Plant sources
Animal sources
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Solids and liquidsSolid fats commonly consist of saturated fatty acids, whereas liquid oils room made mainly of unsaturated acids, yet this deserve to be artificially manipulated to produce triglycerides with other desirable properties.

Natural lard (a fat from pet sources) melts in ~ 30oC (above median room temperature), whereas natural olive oil becomes a heavy only below -6oC. This last is common for an important vegetable oils in general, yet these oils can me made into semi-solids by partial hydrogenation of several of the twin bonds discovered in the hydrocarbon chains.

Trans fats


This switch is not without its problems, however. During the partial hydrogenation process, few of the remaining dual bonds in the hydrocarbon parts of the molecule are readjusted into the trans configuration (isomerized).

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Artificially modified vegetables oils are semi-solid and spread easily on bread best from the refrigerator, they have much longer storage resides that the liquid oils native which they to be made, and they simply "feel" better in the mouth as soon as eaten. These are all preferable features, but when much longer terms studies have actually been lugged out on their impact it appears that a diet the unnatural trans-fats can be associated with some increase in love problems, part cancers, diabetes and a tendency to obesity. There is even some indication that the immune and also reproductive systems have the right to be adversely affected.