Animals that start with O – O is one of the most exciting letters in the alphabet. The is among the earliest letters in regards to consistency the shape, the is round and symmetrical in every directions, and it look at beautiful and sounds funny. That may even taste like a donut.

You will check out all pets that begin with the letter O in addition to their quick explanation. Some space funny, some room ferocious, but most of lock are simply cute. Examine them out.

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1. Orangutan

Orangutan is a indigenous Indonesian good ape, hence its Indonesian name, i beg your pardon literally means the man of the jungle. Orangutan, recognizable by your reddish-brown hair, lives in rainforests in Sumatra and also Kalimantan and they spend many of your time on trees. For years, it to be widely welcomed that there was just one solitary species of orangutan.

Recent discoveries and researches, however, affirm that there are actually 3 distinct species of orangutan: Sumatran, Bornean and also Tapanuli. All of the three varieties are listed as critically endangered types due come human tasks that threaten their existence.

2. Owl


Owls live in all regions on earth, other than Antarctica. Your survival capability is so awesome that they can actually endure the coldness the tundra regions and the heat of deserts. Owls have actually exceptional eyesight and also of every birds, they have actually the most sensitive hearing. Owls are mainly inactive during daytime and also go for hunting at night.

Their preys selection from insects to large mammals, such together foxes and also deer fawns. Owls deserve to even strike other flying animals, especially bats, once they space flying. Unlike other carnivorous birds that tear their food apart, owls gulp down the entire body and also then regurgitate the indigestible parts, such together bones and also feather.

3. Okapi

Okapi is the shorter sibling of giraffe that stays in the diverted rainforest in the northeastern component of the democratic Republic of the Congo. Little is known about this pet because they like to hide and also because their skin trends serve as the best camouflage because that rainforest dwellers.

In fact, okapi to be not recognized to exist till the begin of the 20th century, when they to be encountered by explorers. Just like their higher sibling, okapi additionally eats leaves and has all important digestive organs come digest leaves.

4. Owl Butterfly

Owl butterfly has a pair the wings through pattern the resembles the eye of an owl. This butterfly is aboriginal to southern America and also in the taxonomy is a member of the genus Caligo. If the bulk of butterflies and also moths use camouflage that efficiently conceals them indigenous the eye of potential threats and also predators.

Owl butterflies safeguard themselves by masquerading as an owl, a bird thought about terrifying due to their capability to assault both land and airborne butterfly predators (see the Owl section for more detail).

5. Otter

Otter is a carnivorous water animal with excellent swimming and also diving ability. Since they spend many of your time in or close to water, lock often uncover their den top top riverbanks. To add extra protection, the den deserve to be accessed just through an underwater entrance.

They feed greatly on pets that live in their habitat, including fishes, crayfishes, frogs, and tiny mammals. Otter is is a member of the Mustelidae (weasel) family, which likewise includes sea otter, the largest member of the family that stays in the coastal regions in north America and East Asia.

6. Ostrich

Ostrich is the best bird living this particular day that likewise has the best egg of every birds. Ostriches have wings, however they can not fly v them. Ostriches do have an effective and agile foot that have the right to be used for deterring threats and also predators through their powerful kicks and also for running.

as soon as running, one ostrich have the right to reach the optimal speed of around 65 kph or 40 mph, do them among the fastest land animals. In the past, ostriches live in countless parts the the center East and also Africa; however, this particular day their populace outside your habitat in eastern and main Africa has actually dwindled substantially due to human activities.

7. Octopus

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Octopus might look meek and primitive due to the fact that they room sea mollusks v no skeleton; however, if it was observed carefully, octopus is in reality a sophisticated animal v acute vision, excellent attack and defense mechanism, and well-developed brain. Octopuses hide most of the time, with some smaller species actually hiding in unused oyster’s shell.

Their mimicry capability further improves their camouflage once hiding. They will certainly come out when they desire to girlfriend or as soon as they are hunting for crabs and also other crustaceans. Once threatened, they may escape by utilizing jets that water and sometimes likewise by expelling dark ink.

8. Oriole

Oriole is the name of a team of songbirds the are known for their beautiful voice and also yellow and also black feather. Orioles live in the warmer areas on earth, including Africa and warm areas in Asia and also Europe. They go northward during the mating season and also will migrate southward during cooler seasons.

Both male and female orioles sports yellow and black feather, but on woman orioles, the shade of the feather is somewhat duller. In the unified States, there is another bird the is referred to as oriole or Baltimore oriole, but this American oriole is not very closely related to their Eurasian and also African counterparts.

9. Orca (Killer Whale)

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Orca, also called killer whale, is perhaps the most popular whale for human since of your responsiveness as soon as in captivity. Castle are identified by their white and black glossy body and also easy to it is in trained to perform acrobatic movements and also to bring things, make them famous attraction in zoos.

Despite your name, they are actually in the very same Delphinidae family members with dolphins and also are the biggest member that the family, despite with other aquatic mammals, both killer whale and also dolphin room in the exact same Cetacean order. Orca it s okay their infamous name from your ravenous eating habit.

10. Opossum

Opossum is a cute marsupial the lives mostly in the west hemisphere that the earth. They deserve to be discovered in virtually every part of the united States. Over there are usually two varieties of opossum, the one that lives on land and water opossum, or yapok, which has swimming and also diving capability.

Just like all marsupials, opossum has a pouch on their belly that functions as a warm nursery for baby opossum once the mommy goes the end for searching insects. Top top water opossum, the pouch is taken into consideration special because it deserve to be make watertight, protecting the baby as soon as their mother is swim or diving.

11. Ocelot

Of every wild cats, ocelot is maybe the one that has actually the strongest resemblance with residence cat in terms of shape, size and appearance; however, girlfriend cannot save an ocelot together a pet since they room solitary and antisocial, they will not housebreak, and also they mark their region with urine.

In the united States, ocelot lives in the southern Arid regions, such together Arizona and Texas, yet they also have your habitat in south American jungles indigenous Mexico to Argentina. 

12. Oryx

Oryx is a horned antelope that is split into 3 species, v gemsbok, which stays in the center East and also Africa. In their aboriginal habitat, their population has dwindled significantly, with just some herds seen occasionally. Oryx is recognized as a swift runner and also accurate thruster, which help them survive from predator and hunter attacks.

13. Oilbird

Oilbird is a bird native to the northern part of southern America. They are discovered primarily in Trinidad. Your feather is normally reddish brown in color. The young the this bird have fatty body. In the past, their fat is extracted for cooking and also lighting purpose, before being replaced by plant-based fat and oil and those from various other animals. 

14. Olm

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Olm is a varieties of salamander that stays deep in dark caves. Olms are generally uncovered in caves in southeastern european countries, near the asian border. Because they live in finish darkness, castle don’t have actually functional eyes. In addition to their slim white body and also smaller head and limbs.

This sightlessness is the most striking characteristic the distinguishes olms from various other salamanders, which generally have well-developed eyes. Although their eyes have come to be vestigial or non-functional, their eyes are still sensitive to light. This is why they have tendency to protect against well-lit areas where they will certainly be exposed to danger.

15. Osprey


Osprey is a types of hawk the is identified by your dark brown and white feather. The sample on your head provides even an ext distinguishing characteristic: white head with dark zoro-like mask.

Unlike various other hawks, osprey feeds only on fishes, hence their being referred to as fish hawk. When hunting, osprey doesn’t hesitate to dive in the water, unlike hawks that only hunt by hovering. Osprey is a cosmopolitan bird that lives in virtually every part of the earth.

16. Orb-Weaver Spider


Some spiders weave paper web, which deserve to be one of two people horizontal or vertical. Other spiders, top top the other hand, weave orb-shaped web. The most common example of paper weavers is home spider whereas the of the latter is garden spider.

As the name implies, orb-weaver spiders weave an orb-like internet that radiates from every one of their six feet. The feet act as sensors that deserve to detect also the little vibration. When pest enters the orb and is trapped through the sticky web, the spider will immediately close the orb and bite your prey through a paralyzing bite.

17. Oyster

Oyster lives in both freshwater and sea water and also it is a bivalve mollusk, an interpretation that it is an animal with soft body and also a shell split into 2 hinged valves. Oyster resides in virtually every part of the people with more than 50 varieties that room edible.

Oysters of the Ostreidae family members don’t create pearls. Pearl oyster, i beg your pardon produces pearl, is the a various family referred to as Pteriidae. Although they share comparable English name, taxonomically, they room different pets of various families and different orders.

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18. Owl Monkey

Owl monkey gets their name as result of their appearance and also habit. The facial feature of an owl monkey is very much the exact same with that of an owl, through round brownish eyes and also white spot of hair neighboring them.

Like owls, owl monkeys are also nocturnal pets who sleep at daytime and feeds in ~ night—the just monkey through such lifestyle. Owl monkey is additionally called durukuli or douroucouli and native to southern American rainforests.

19. Oarfish

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Oarfish has actually an elongated body that resembles a ribbon. Attached along the length of their body is a red fin. This red fin connects to a crest on the head, which can be increased or lowered depending upon the visibility of hazards or preys. Oarfish lives in the open up sea and also swims choose a snake.