Assign sequence top priorities to the 4 substituents through looking at the atoms attached directly to the chiral center.


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The greater the atomic variety of the immediate substituent atom, the greater the priority. For example, H– 2. If two substituents have actually the same instant substituent atom, evaluate atom progressively more away native the chiral facility until a distinction is found.For example, CH3– 2H5– 2– 2– 3O–. 3. If twin or triple bonded groups are encountered together substituents, they space treated together an equivalent collection of single-bonded atoms.For example, C2H5– 2=CH–

The viewing Rule

as soon as the relative priorities of the four substituents have been determined, the chiral facility must be regarded from the next opposite the shortest priority group. If us number the substituent teams from 1 to 4, with 1 gift the highest and also 4 the shortest in priority sequence, the 2 enantiomeric configurations are shown in the following diagram along with a viewers eye top top the next opposite substituent #4.Remembering the geometric implicit of wedge and hatched bonds, one observer (the eye) note whether a curved arrowhead drawn indigenous the # 1 position to the # 2 location and then come the # 3 place turns in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner. If the revolve is clockwise, as in the example on the right, the construction is classified R. If the is counter-clockwise, as in the left illustration, the construction is S. Another means of psychic the the town hall rule, is come think the the asymmetric carbon together a steering wheel. The bond to the lowest priority team (# 4) is the steering column, and also the various other bonds space spokes ~ above the wheel. If the wheel is rotate from group # 1 toward group # 2, which in turn moves toward team # 3, this would either negotiate a ideal turn (R) or a left revolve (S). This version is illustrated below for a right-handed turn, and also the corresponding (R)-configurations of lactic acid and also carvone are shown to that is right. The stereogenic carbon atom is fancy magenta in every case, and the sequence priorities are displayed as irradiate blue numbers. Keep in mind that if any two substituent groups on a stereogenic carbon space exchanged or switched, the configuration transforms to its winter image.The succession order the the substituent teams in lactic acid have to be obvious, however the carvone example requires careful analysis. The hydrogen is clearly the lowest priority substituent, yet the other three teams are all attached come the stereogenic carbon through bonds come carbon atom (colored blue here). 2 of the instant substituent types are methylene teams (CH2), and the third is a doubly-bonded carbon. Dominance # 3 that the sequence rules permits us come order this substituents. The carbon-carbon dual bond is damaged so as to give imaginary single-bonded carbon atoms (the phantom atoms room colored red in the indistinguishable structure). In this kind the dual bond assumes the priority the a 3º-alkyl group, which is greater than the of a methylene group. To develop the sequence priority the the two methylene substituents (both are component of the ring), we must relocate away native the chiral facility until a suggest of distinction is located. This occurs at the next carbon, i m sorry on one side is part of a carbonyl twin bond (C=O), and on the other, component of a carbon-carbon dual bond. Dominance # 3 is again provided to evaluate the 2 cases. The carbonyl team places two oxygens (one phantom) on the adjacent carbon atom, so this methylene side is ranked front of the other.An amazing feature that the 2 examples displayed here is the the R-configuration in both situations is levorotatory (-) in that optical activity. The mirror-image S-configurations are, the course, dextrorotatory (+). The is vital to remember the there is no straightforward or obvious relationship in between the R or S designation the a molecule configuration and the experimentally measured specific rotation of the compound it represents. In bespeak to recognize the true or "absolute" construction of one enantiomer, as in the situations of lactic acid and also carvone report here, that is important either to relate the compound to a recognized reference structure, or to command a rather complex X-ray analysis on a single crystal of the sample. The configuration of lactic acid and also carvone enantiomers may be examined together interactive models by .
The module on the ideal provides instances of chiral and achiral molecules for analysis. This are presented as three-dimensional structures which might be moved around and examined from miscellaneous points of view. By using this source the reader"s expertise of configurational notation might be tested.This visualization makes use that the Jmol applet. With some browsers it may be important to click a button twice because that action.

Select an Example

Click the present Example ButtonA three-dimensional molecular structure will be shown here, and may be moved about with the mouse. Carbon is gray, hydrogen is cyan, oxygen is red, and nitrogen is dark blue. Other atoms space colored differently and are labeled.Characterize the construction of the molecule by choosing one the the 3 terms noted below. A an answer to your answer will be presented by click the inspect Answer button.

Example 1 Example 2 instance 3 instance 4 instance 5 example 6 instance 7 example 8Example 9Example 10Example 11Example 12 S R Achiral A response to your an option will show up here.A succession assignment will be presented above.

Configurational illustrations of chiral molecule sometimes display screen structures in a way that does no permit straightforward application that the city hall rule. In the instance of carvone, presented above, the early formula command the lowest priority substituent (H) towards the viewer, requiring either a reorientation display screen or a very great sense the three-dimensional framework on the component of the reader. The Fischer estimate formulas, defined later, are one more example of displays that challenge even experienced students. A advantageous mnemonic, argued by Professor Michael Rathke, is depicted below. Below a stereogenic tetrahedral carbon has four various substituents, designated 1, 2, 3 & 4. If we assume that these numbers represent the succession priority of this substituents (1 > 2 > 3 > 4), climate the R and also S configurations space defined.

The viewing dominance states that when the lowest priority substituent (4) is oriented behind the triangle face defined by the three greater priority substituents (shaded light gray here), a clockwise sequential arrangement of this substituents (1, 2 & 3) is identified as R, and also a counter-clockwise sequence together S. now a tetrahedral structure may be perceived from any type of of the 4 triangular faces, and also the the contrary of the mechanism is such the a exactly R/S assignment is do if the far out-of airplane group has actually an even number sequence priority (2 or 4), conversely, the wrong assignment results once the out-of plane group has an weird priority (1 or 3). When one recognizes this relationship, the viewing alternatives are increased and a configurational assignment is more easily achieved. Because that an example, click on the chart to view the 1:3:4-face, shaded light gray. Oriented in former of substituent 2. Keep in mind that the R/S assignment is unchanged.

2 or an ext Chiral CentersCompounds having actually Two or an ext Chiral CentersThe Chinese shrub Ma Huang (Ephedra vulgaris) consists of two physiologically active compounds ephedrine and also pseudoephedrine. Both compounds room stereoisomers that 2-methylamino-1-phenyl-1-propanol, and both room optically active, one being levorotatory and the various other dextrorotatory. Due to the fact that the nature of these compounds (see below) are considerably different, they can not be enantiomers. How, then, space we to classify these isomers and also others prefer them?

Ephedrine indigenous Ma Huang: m.p. 35 - 40 º C, <α>D = –41º, center water solubility Pseudoephedrine from Ma Huang: m.p. 119 º C, <α>D = +52º, reasonably insoluble in water

Since these 2 compounds room optically active, every must have an enantiomer. Back these missing stereoisomers were not present in the natural source, they have actually been prepared synthetically and also have the expected identical physical properties and also opposite-sign details rotations with those listed above. The structural formula of 2-methylamino-1-phenylpropanol has actually two stereogenic carbons (#1 & #2). Each might assume one R or S configuration, so over there are 4 stereoisomeric combinations possible. This are presented in the adhering to illustration, along with the assignments that have actually been make on the communication of chemical interconversions. Together a basic rule, a structure having n chiral centers will have actually 2n possible combinations of these centers. Depending upon the as whole symmetry that the molecule structure, several of these combinations might be identical, however in the absence of together identity, us would suppose to uncover 2n stereoisomers. Several of these stereoisomers will have enantiomeric relationships, yet enantiomers come in pairs, and also non-enantiomeric stereoisomers will as such be common. We refer to such stereoisomers as diastereomers. In the example above, one of two people of the ephedrine enantiomers has a diastereomeric relationship with either of the pseudoephedrine enantiomers.

For an exciting example portraying the difference between a chiral center and an asymmetric carbonClick Here.

The configuration of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine enantiomers might be examined as interactive models through .Stereogenic Nitrogen AtomsStereogenic NitrogenA close examination of the ephedrine and also pseudoephedrine isomers argues that an additional stereogenic center, the nitrogen, is present. As noted earlier, single-bonded nitrogen is pyramidal in shape, through the non-bonding electron pair pointing come the unoccupied corner of a tetrahedral region. Since the nitrogen in these compounds is external inspection to three different groups, its construction is chiral. The non-identical mirror-image configuration are depicted in the following diagram (the remainder the the molecule is represented by R, and also the electron pair is colored yellow). If this configurations were stable, there would be four additional stereoisomers of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. However, pyramidal nitrogen is usually not configurationally stable. It rapidly inverts its construction (equilibrium arrows) by passing with a planar, sp2-hybridized transition state, resulting in a mixture of interconverting R and also S configurations. If the nitrogen atom were the just chiral center in the molecule, a 50:50 (racemic) mixture the R and also S configurations would exist at equilibrium. If various other chiral centers space present, together in the ephedrin isomers, a mixture that diastereomers will certainly result. In any event, nitrogen teams such together this, if existing in a compound, execute not contribute to isolable stereoisomers.
The turning back of pyramidal nitrogen in ammonia might be examined by .Fischer forecast FormulasFischer estimate FormulasThe difficulty of illustration three-dimensional configurations on a two-dimensional surface, such as a item of paper, has actually been a long-standing concern of chemists. The wedge and hatched heat notations we have been using are effective, but can be troublesome when applied to link having numerous chiral centers. As part of his Nobel Prize-winning research on carbohydrates, the good German chemist Emil Fischer, devised a basic notation that is still commonly used. In a Fischer estimate drawing, the 4 bonds come a chiral carbon make a cross with the carbon atom in ~ the intersection that the horizontal and also vertical lines. The 2 horizontal bonds space directed toward the viewer (forward that the stereogenic carbon). The two vertical bonds are directed behind the main carbon (away native the viewer). Because this is not the usual means in which we have viewed such structures, the adhering to diagram shows just how a stereogenic carbon positioned in the common two-bonds-in-a-plane orientation ( x–C–y specify the reference aircraft ) is rotated into the Fischer forecast orientation (the far right formula). When writing Fischer projection formulas the is essential to remember these conventions. Since the vertical bonds extend away indigenous the viewer and also the horizontal bonds towards the viewer, a Fischer structure might only it is in turned by 180º in ~ the plane, therefore maintaining this relationship. The structure have to not it is in flipped over or rotated through 90º. A version of the preceding diagram may be check by .In the over diagram, if x = CO2H, y = CH3, a = H & b = OH, the result formula explains (R)-(–)-lactic acid. The mirror-image formula, where x = CO2H, y = CH3, a = five & b = H, would, that course, stand for (S)-(+)-lactic acid.Using the Fischer estimate notation, the stereoisomers the 2-methylamino-1-phenylpropanol are attracted in the complying with manner. Keep in mind that the is customary to collection the longest carbon chain as the vertical bond assembly. The usefulness that this notation to Fischer, in his carbohydrate studies, is noticeable in the following diagram. There space eight stereoisomers that 2,3,4,5-tetrahydroxypentanal, a group of compounds referred to as the aldopentoses. Since there are three chiral centers in this constitution, we should expect a maximum of 23 stereoisomers. This eight stereoisomers consists of four sets that enantiomers. If the construction at C-4 is kept continuous (R in the examples displayed here), the 4 stereoisomers that an outcome will be diastereomers. Fischer formulas for these isomers, i m sorry Fischer designated as the "D"-family, are shown in the diagram. Every of this compounds has actually an enantiomer, i m sorry is a member the the "L"-family so, as expected, there room eight stereoisomers in all. Determining even if it is a chiral carbon is R or S may seem daunting when making use of Fischer projections, however it is actually rather simple. If the shortest priority group (often a hydrogen) is on a vertical bond, the configuration is given straight from the relative positions the the three higher-ranked substituents. If the shortest priority group is top top a horizontal bond, the location of the continuing to be groups offer the dorn answer (you are in looking at the construction from the wrong side), so you merely reverse it.The aldopentose frameworks drawn over are every diastereomers. A more selective term, epimer, is provided to clues diastereomers that differ in construction at just one chiral center. Thus, ribose and also arabinose are epimers in ~ C-2, and also arabinose and lyxose are epimers at C-3. However, arabinose and also xylose are not epimers, since their configurations different at both C-2 and also C-3.Meso CompoundsAchiral Diastereomers (meso-Compounds)The chiral centers in the preceding examples have every been different, one indigenous another. In the instance of 2,3-dihydroxybutanedioic acid, known as tartaric acid, the two chiral centers have actually the same 4 substituents and also are equivalent. As a result, 2 of the four possible stereoisomers the this compound room identical because of a airplane of symmetry, so there are only three stereoisomeric tartaric acids. Two of this stereoisomers are enantiomers and the third is an achiral diastereomer, dubbed a meso compound. Meso compounds space achiral (optically inactive) diastereomers that chiral stereoisomers. Investigate of isomeric tartaric mountain salts, lugged out by Louis Pasteur in the mid 19th century, were important in elucidating several of the subtleties of Some physics properties the the isomers the tartaric acid are given in the complying with table.

(+)-tartaric acid: <α>D = +13º m.p. 172 ºC(–)-tartaric acid: <α>D = –13º m.p. 172 ºC meso-tartaric acid: <α>D = 0º m.p. 140 ºC

Fischer forecast formulas carry out a helpful view the the configurational relationship within the structures of this isomers. In the adhering to illustration a mirror line is drawn between formulas that have actually a mirror-image relationship. In demonstrating the identity of the two meso-compound formulas, remember the a Fischer projection formula might be rotated 180º in the plane. A design of meso-tartaric acid may be examined by second example, consisting of 2 meso compounds, might be examined by

Other configuration NotationsFormulas Using various other Configurational NotationsFischer forecast formulas are particularly useful because that comparing configurational isomers in ~ a family members of connected chiral compounds, such together the carbohydrates. However, the overshadowed conformations include by these representations are unrealistic. Once describing acyclic compounds incorporating 2 or much more chiral centers, countless chemists prefer to write zig-zag heat formulas because that the major carbon chain. Here, the zig-zag carbon chain lies in a airplane and the absolute or family member configurations at the chiral centers space then designated by wedge or hatched bonds come substituent groups. This is shown for D-(-)-ribose and also the diastereoisomeric D-tetroses erythrose and also threose in the complying with diagram.These compounds are all chiral and also only one enantiomer is drawn (the D-family member). Many times, however, we must refer to and also name diastereoisomers that space racemic or achiral. Because that example, addition of chlorine to cis-2-butene returns a stereoisomer of 2,3-dichlorobutane various from the one derived by chlorine addition to trans-2-butene. In instances having two nearby chiral centers, such as this, the prefixes erythro and threo may be supplied to clues the family member configuration of the centers. These prefixes, taken native the name of the tetroses erythrose and threose (above), may be applied to racemic compounds, and also pure enantiomers and meso compounds, as displayed in the following diagram. In the frequently used zig-zag drawings substituents may lie top top the exact same side that the carbon chain, a syn orientation, or on opposite sides, an anti orientation. For surrounding (vicinal) substituents this is opposite to their location in a Fischer formula. Thus, the substituents in the erythro isomer have an anti orientation, yet are syn in the threo isomer.The syn-anti nomenclature may be applied to acyclic compounds having more than 2 chiral centers, as portrayed by the instance in the colored box. The stereogenic center nearest carbon #1 serves as a reference. In ~ sites having actually two substituents, such together carbon #5, the terms describe the loved one orientation the the highest order substituent, as figured out by the C.I.P. Succession rules.ResolutionResolution that RacematesAs provided earlier, chiral compounds synthesized native achiral starting materials and also reagents are generally racemic (i.e. A 50:50 mixture the enantiomers). Separation that racemates into their component enantiomers is a process called resolution. Since enantiomers have actually identical physical properties, such as solubility and also melting point, resolution is very difficult. Diastereomers, on the various other hand, have various physical properties, and this reality is offered to achieve resolution of racemates. Reaction the a racemate v an enantiomerically pure chiral reagent gives a mixture the diastereomers, which have the right to be separated. Reversing the an initial reaction then leads come the be separate enantiomers plus the recovered reagent.Many type of chemical and also physical reactions, including salt formation, may be used to accomplish the diastereomeric intermediates needed for separation. The adhering to diagram illustrates this general principle by showing how a nut having actually a right-handed subject (R) can serve together a "reagent" come discriminate and separate a mixture the right- and also left-handed bolts of identical size and also weight. Only the two right-handed partners can interact to provide a fully-threaded intermediate, so separation is relatively simple. The solving moiety, i.e. The nut, is climate removed, leave the bolts separated right into their right and left-handed forms. Chemical reactions the enantiomers are usually not so drastically different, but a practical distinction is nonetheless possible.

To learn an ext about chemical measures for afford resolution Click Here.

Conformational EnantiomorphismConformational EnantiomorphismThe Fischer projection formula that meso-tartaric acid has a plane of symmetry bisecting the C2–C3 bond, as displayed on the left in the diagram below, therefore this framework is clearly achiral. The overshadowed orientation that bonds that is suspect in the Fischer drawing is, however, an rough conformation, and also we should examine the staggered conformers that undoubtedly make up most that the sample molecules. The 4 structures that are presented to the right of the Fischer projection consist of the achiral Fischer configuration (A
) and also three staggered conformers, all presented in both sawhorse and Newman projections. The 2nd and fourth conformations (B & D) are dissymmetric, and are in truth enantiomeric structures. The third conformer (C) has actually a center of symmetry and is achiral.

Conformations that meso-Tartaric AcidFischerProjectionAeclipsed, achiralBstaggered, chiralCstaggered, achiralDstaggered, chiral

Since a far-reaching proportion the the meso-tartaric mountain molecules in a sample will have chiral conformations, the achiral properties of the sample (e.g. Optical inactivity) should not it is in attributed to the symmetry of the Fischer formula. Equilibria amongst the various conformations are quickly established, and the relationship of each conformer current at equilibrium counts on its family member potential power (the most stable conformers predominate). Because enantiomers have actually equal potential energies, they will be existing in same concentration, hence canceling their macroscopic optical activity and other chiral behavior. Just put, any type of chiral species that are current are racemic.It is interesting to keep in mind that chiral conformations are existing in most conformationally cell phone compounds, even in the lack of any kind of chiral centers. The gauche conformers the butane, for example, space chiral and also are present in equal concentration in any kind of sample that this hydrocarbon. The adhering to illustration reflects the enantiomeric connection of these conformers, i beg your pardon are an instance of a chiral axis quite than a chiral center.

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Conformations that Biphenyls

Another course of compounds that display conformational enantiomorphism room the substituted biphenyls. As displayed in the following diagram, biphenyl chin is no planar, one benzene ring being slightly twisted or canted in relation to the various other as a an effect of steric crowding. This crowding will certainly be demonstrated by clicking the diagram. The result chiral conformation, having actually a dihedral edge of around 45º, equilibrates promptly with that enantiomer by rotation around the connecting single bond. Note that a conformation having actually a 90º dihedral angle is achiral, together a consequence of a plane of symmetry.If every of the phenyl ring of a biphenyl has two different ortho or meta substituents (one might be hydrogen), even the twisted 90º dihedral edge conformer becomes chiral. In order to interconvert such conformers v their mirror picture structures, a rotation through the higher energy coplanar form must be made. The ease through which this interconversion occurs will depend on the size of the ortho substituents, since these teams must slide past each other. The 2,2"-dicarboxylic acid on the left below cannot be addressed at room temperature, due to the fact that thermal (kinetic) power is adequate to administer the vital activation energy for racemization. The two additionally substituted diacids to its right have a higher activation energy for racemization, and also can be fixed if care is bring away to prevent heating them. Together a rule, an activation energy barrier of 16 come 19 kcal/mole is compelled to protect against spontaneous room temperature racemization of substituted biphenyls. Because fluorine is smaller sized than a nitro group, the center compound racemizes an ext rapidly on heating than does the nitro link to that is right. Conformational isomers that space isolable due to high energy obstacles are referred to as atropisomers.By clicking the diagram, three extr examples the resolvable biphenyls will be displayed. The 2,2"-disulfonic mountain (compound A) have the right to be fixed with care, confirming the bigger size that SO3H compared with CO2H. Compound B and C provide added insight into the racemization of biphenyls. Although these biphenyls have actually identical ortho substituents, the meta nitro substituent adjacent to the methoxyl team in C exerts a buttressing influence that boosts the effective size of that ortho substituent. Finally, by clicking on the diagram a 2nd time two extr examples the substituted biphenyls will certainly be shown. The left hand compound is organized in a twisted construction by the bridging carbon chain. Racemization needs passing v a planar configuration, and the enhanced angle and also eclipsing strain in this structure add to a big activation energy. Consequently, this compound is easily resolved into enantiomeric stereoisomers. The best hand link is heavily ortho-substituted and also most definitely resists suspect a planar configuration. However, the best benzene ring has actually two the same ortho substituents, therefore the steady 90º dihedral edge conformer has actually a aircraft of symmetry. Every chiral twisted conformers are existing as racemates, therefore this compound cannot be resolved.To see models of biphenyl and a chiral tetrasubstituted derivative .Stereoisomers the Disubstituted CyclohexanesStereoisomerism in Disubstituted CyclohexanesThe distinction between configurational stereoisomers and the conformers they might assume is well-illustrated by the disubstituted cyclohexanes. The following discussion uses the miscellaneous isomers the dichlorocyclohexane as examples. The 1,1-dichloro isomer is omitted since it is one unexceptional constitutional isomer the the others, and also has no centers the chirality (asymmetric carbon atoms). The 1,2- and 1,3-dichlorocyclohexanes each have two centers of chirality, bearing the same set of substituents. The cis & trans-1,4-dichlorocyclohexanes execute not have any kind of chiral centers, since the 2 ring groups on the substituted carbons space identical.There room three configurational isomers of 1,2-dichlorocyclohexane and also three configurational isomers the 1,3-dichlorocyclohexane. This are displayed in the following table.

The 1,2-DichlorocyclohexanesThe 1,3-DichlorocyclohexanesExamine Conformations that cis-1,2-DichlorocyclohexaneExamine Conformations the trans-1,2-DichlorocyclohexaneExamine Conformations that cis-1,3-DichlorocyclohexaneExamine Conformations that trans-1,3-Dichlorocyclohexane

All the 1,2-dichloro isomers are constitutional isomers the the 1,3-dichloro isomers. In each group (1,2- & 1,3-), the (R,R)-trans isomer and also the (S,S)-trans isomer are enantiomers. The cis isomer is a diastereomer that the infectious diseases worldwide isomers. Finally, all of these isomers may exist as a mixture of two (or more) conformational isomers, as shown in the table.The chair conformer of the cis 1,2-dichloro isomer is chiral. It exists together a 50:50 mixture the enantiomeric conformations, i m sorry interconvert so rapidly they can not be fixed (ie. Separated). Because the cis isomer has actually two centers the chirality (asymmetric carbons) and is optically inactive, it is a meso-compound. The corresponding trans isomers also exist as promptly interconverting chiral conformations. The diequatorial conformer predominates in each case, the (R,R) conformations being mirror photos of the (S,S) conformations. All these conformations are diastereomeric with the cis conformations.The diequatorial chair conformer the the cis 1,3-dichloro isomer is achiral. That is the major component that a quick equilibrium v the diaxial conformer, i beg your pardon is also achiral. This isomer is additionally a meso compound. The matching trans isomers also undergo a fast conformational interconversion. For these isomers, however, this interconversion produces an identical conformer, so every enantiomer (R,R) and also (S,S) has predominately a solitary chiral conformation. This enantiomeric conformations space diastereomeric v the cis conformations.The 1,4-dichlorocyclohexanes might exist together cis or trans stereoisomers. Both are achiral, because the disubstituted six-membered ring has a aircraft of symmetry. These isomers are diastereomers of every other, and also are constitutional isomers of the 1,2- and also 1,3- isomers.

The 1,4-Dichlorocyclohexanes

All the chair conformers of these isomers space achiral, and also the diequatorial conformer the the trans isomer is the predominate species at equilibrium. Practice problems The an initial five troubles ask you to recognize equivalent teams of atoms, the opposite elements, stereogenic centers and also the visibility or absence of chirality. Part two of the fourth problem additionally requires the application of R/S nomenclature. The nomenclature terminology and also classification that stereoisomers is examined in the next two problems, adhered to by a question worrying the partnership of isomeric pairs. Designation that CIP name is the topic of the next three problems. Assets from stereoselective reactions room examined in the next problem, and also a testimonial of cyclohexane conformational terminology is the subject of the last 2 problems.Choose a ProblemEquivalent Atom GroupsRecognizing SymmetryRecognizing ChiralityRecognizing Chirality & SymmetryIdentifying & Designating ChiralityStereochemical TerminologyClassification that StereoisomersRelationship that Isomer PairsApplying CIP Notation IApplying CIP Notation IIApplying CIP Notation IIIDrawing Stereoisomers native NamesDrawing Stereoisomeric ProductsGauche interaction in CyclohexanesAxial/Equatorial Relationships go back to Table that Contents

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