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hydrogen bonding, communication involving a hydrogen atom located between a pair of various other atoms having a high affinity because that electrons; such a bond is weaker than an ionic shortcut or covalent bond but stronger 보다 van der Waals forces. Hydrogen bonds can exist in between atoms in different molecules or in components of the very same molecule. One atom of the pair (the donor), normally a fluorine, nitrogen, or oxygen atom, is covalently external inspection to a hydrogen atom (―FH, ―NH, or ―OH), whose electrons it share unequally; that high electron affinity reasons the hydrogen to take on a slight confident charge. The various other atom that the pair, also typically F, N, or O, has an unshared electron pair, which offers it a slight an adverse charge. Largely through electrostatic attraction, the donor atom successfully shares its hydrogen v the agree atom, forming a bond. Because of its extensive hydrogen bonding, water (H2O) is liquid over a far greater range of temperatures that would certainly be supposed for a molecule that its size. Water is likewise a good solvent for ionic compounds and also many others since it readily creates hydrogen bonds with the solute. Hydrogen bonding between amino mountain in a linear protein molecule determines the means it wrinkle up right into its practical configuration. Hydrogen bonds between nitrogenous bases in nucleotides ~ above the two strands of DNA (guanine pairs with cytosine, adenine v thymine) offer rise to the double-helix structure that is vital to the transmission of genetic information.

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