The an excellent One returned residence so he can host WrestleMania 27, yet that was simply to set-up why that was yes, really back.

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The Rock’s comeback sparked native a john Cena interview

At the WWE room of reputation in 2008, once The absent inducted both his late father, Rocky Johnson, and his grandfather, High cook Pete Maivia, throughout his speech, the Brahma Bull revealed the three males he wished he had actually faced but never obtained the opportunity to were Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels and John Cena.

As The Rock, one of the biggest stars wrestling has ever before seen, to be transitioning to Hollywood superstar, Cena started making his ascent.

The currently 16-time people champion debuted in 2002, but he didn’t make it come the main event picture until WrestleMania 21 in 2005, a great year ~ Rock’s last appearance and also two years since Rock’s last run.

John Cena made his debut against Kurt angle in 2002 and also soon came to be the key guy in WWE

In a post-Stone Cold Steve Austin and The absent world, Cena took up the mantle together WWE’s height star and was booked as their optimal babyface.

Given your charisma and top-tier status, it came to be a dream match for a many fans. But, unlike most dream matches, The Rock was still in his theoretical prime and also was just 39 year old.

Both guys knew working together meant major money and also probably document box office success. The Rock had been wait for a worthwhile time come come back to the WWE Universe and also didn’t want fans come think he was using wrestling to assist his movie career – hence the seven-year break.


The Rock and also John Cena knew they could draw a many money by functioning together

However, behind the scenes, Cena wasn’t fond the The Rock’s outlook on rings at the time and also some genuine poor blood began building in between the two.

“In the world of wrestling, together you men know, it’s fictionalised, it’s a TV show. However we had our rivalry, and now we have the right to look earlier on it, it to be so real. Like, we had real difficulties with each other. … We had actually real worries with every other,” The rock revealed come Jimmy Kimmel.

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It was Cena who showed up to acquire the sphere rolling in terms of the rivalry in the method The Leader the the Cenation answer a question about whether the knew that The absent returning.

“I had actually left and he had done a collection of interviews, radio interviews and also I just felt — someone recommendation me and said, ‘Hey, is The rock coming back?’ and also he said, ‘I’m not fairly too sure.’

“I simply didn’t like how he stated it and also it stuck with me. Years later when i went earlier I talked to Vince McMahon and we believed what if we actually took that and created this kind of thing. The perfect.”