Alt namesYearPlatformReleased inPublisher
黑与白2:众神之战, Hei yu Bai 2: Zhongshen zhi Zhan, black color & White 2: Wojny Bogów, black & White 2: Le Combat Des Dieux
United States, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France, unified Kingdom, Germany, Italy
Electronic Arts, Inc.

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Description of black color & White 2: battle of the Gods

Here is the video game “Black & White 2: battle of the Gods”! released in 2006 ~ above Windows, it"s still easily accessible and playable v some tinkering.

Black & White 2: battle of the god is an addon for black color & White 2, friend will need the original video game to play.



So i don"t have the really disks or package they came in for this game anymore, however I need the code to download, anyone know how I can acquire one or bypass it?

Hey as soon as I download the battle of the Gods add on there"s no ISO. I extracted the files and there"s a "reloaded" system info file, rld-botg.bin, and also rld-botg which is CUE.What room these?

I had actually an concern with the mouse sticking in the base game, however I went to alternatives and raised the mouse sensitivity and also that appears to have actually sorted it. Probably that can fix the concern you"re having, too.

Anyone else having actually an issue with the cursor gift slow and getting stuck at times?

GMAIL.COM: You need to have the ability to "Run as administator" I believe to use these files. Just google, "How do I obtain administrator privileges on windows 10?" or every little thing Windows Operating system you have.

Hi, I had actually downloaded the Black and White2 and it prompted that " you re welcome login v aministrator privelege and shot again" accessibility denies!!! ns really felt so helpless and is there anyone can help me v this issue please ???

Managed to get the game to work however there"s chunks of the land lacking wherever i go. Anyone acquired a fix?

game operation fine other than when i develop my new game and also load it, it simply close...

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Is over there a multiplayer choice yet ? and also how to gain it because i am analysis there is?

it works simply fine just there have to be a review me document for the newer human being that not know exactly how the cracked works yet fine i played it a couple of hours and noticed the the childeren will certainly not age i looked the up and also some forms says that is a difficulty with the nocd cracked soo ns looked increase a couple of other no cd/dvd cracks yet it is no use i cant develop up armys choose this and also my game was fd up since i had only 28 old peeps left and 680 childeren :"D

Update: ns downloaded the patch for BotG from, the made it possible to run on home windows 10, and after installing, it appears to occupational like a charmI apparently was just stupid and/or blind yesterday, yet I hope this helps someone that is in the same situation

Update: ns downloaded the patch because that BotG native, the made it feasible to run on windows 10, and after installing, it appears to work-related like a charmI apparently was just stupid and/or remote yesterday, yet I hope this helps someone who is in the same situation

I"ve downloaded the files, and already have B&W2, and the 2 main patches installed.I unzipped the files, and was left v a folder containing: Reloaded(.nfo), rld-botg(.bin) and also rld-botg(.cue)After opened the .bin paper with Daemon tool, running the Setup, discovered in the result BD-ROM drive, entering the CD crucial and click the "Black & White battle of the Gods" icon, that showed up on the desktop, nothing happened. I also opened together an administrator. Then i tried the "arun" application in the BD-ROM drive, which lead me to the actual video game start page. Yet after ns clicked Play, it simply closed down. That didn"t indicate that the video game was starting, or anything. Ns tried ejecting the drive, and opening the other folder (.cue), but the contents was the same, and also when ns ran Setup, it asked if I want to uninstall, repair or modify the regimen features. I tried repairing, and when that didn"t work, i tried troubleshooting compatibility, i m sorry didn"t change anything. I"ve just around scoured the internet to discover a solution, yet either I"m blind, stupid, or it was i do not have anything to be found.I am not technology savvy, by any means, therefore some help would be lot appreciatedI"m using Win10As i finished creating this, ns noticed the abandonware guide, right above the "write a commment" section. I review it through and followed the instructions, running it v D-Fend Reloaded, but it only said the it to be a home windows executable, and also thus the couldn"t beat it. Ns clicked ok, and also it seemed to start anyway, however nothing happened. Idk if i"m just stupid or what.. Ns tried to run the .bin file, yet that didn"t work either

For everyone saying there isn"t any CD key, when you"ve placed the ISO open it up and head end to the cracked folder and then open up rld-bw2botgkg.exe ad hit Generate.


CD key is missing, would be pretty if it to be there, or is there another means to install this?