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The title of Toni Cade Bambara"s brief story "Blues Ain"t No Mockin Bird" is a good indicator that the central theme. Mockingbirds space entertaining bird who spend the entirety day to sing by imitating various other birds. The word mock is used to define the act of making fun of someone,...

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The location of Toni Cade Bambara"s short story "Blues Ain"t No Mockin Bird" is a good indicator of the main theme. Mockingbirds room entertaining bird who spend the totality day to sing by imitating other birds. Words mock is supplied to define the plot of making fun of someone, specifically by imitating lock (Longman thesaurus of contemporary English). In speak of the blues no being mockingbirds, the title is saying the sorrows space not for various other people"s entertainment; sorrows room not to it is in mocked and also enjoyed. Bambara uses her title and short story come depict her central design template criticizing the innate human tendency to make a mockery of other people"s suffering.Bambara relays her main theme v the character Granny.

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Granny drives guys with a camera turn off her home the minute she understands castle are filming her family"s poverty in order to prove to the county the poverty in the area isn"t so bad that the county requirements to spend extra money top top food stamps to take care of the poor. Granny and also the reader reach this realization the minute one man says to her, "I check out you thrive your own vegetables ... . If more folks did that, see, there"d it is in no need--" In other words, the man is saying if much more people of Granny"s social class grew their own vegetables, then the county would not have to pay for food stamps. Yet, despite Granny"s flower and also vegetable garden, we understand Granny and also her family members represent the poorest social course because, if lock didn"t, the guys wouldn"t it is in on their property filming.But, Granny is wise enough to know how immoral the is come film another person"s poverty or another person"s enduring of any sort. We watch her wisdom in the story she relays to her grandchildren the the man around to commit suicide. According to her story, if the minister, his wife, and also the townspeople were trying to to convince him no to jump off the bridge, a arbitrarily stranger approached the crowd and captured the totality moment top top film. As Granny wisely shows, "Takin images of the guy in his misery," not doing anything to help, merely demonstrates a lack of empathy, a absence of knowledge of what the truly method to suffer. Taking photos of suffering, come publish in the news or for any type of other reason, is something present-day society is extremely guilty of. Through her characters, Bambara shows that simply taking pictures, not providing help, does nothing however make a mockery of suffering. In illustrating the cruelty of act something as seemingly harmless as catching on film the suffering of others, Bambara is emerging a design template that criticizes people"s lack of compassion and tendency to mock the enduring of others.