19 year old man dating 17 year old girl, and hasn’t committed sexual intercourse deserve to parent acquire cops involved and have 19 year old arrested and charged

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A: having actually dealt with similar cases before, I understand that these instances can be difficult. I don't recognize if the 19 year old male is doing anything specifically bad or if you merely don't want him around your daughter. Unfortunately, with the information provided, I perform not believe that the situation you space describing constitutes a crime. Together such, i don't believe that the police would certainly arrest the 19 year old. Having actually said that, girlfriend may have actually other remedies to keep the 19 year old far from your daughter. You might ask the police to trespass that from your home or potentially think about something like a civil stalking injunction.


A: over there is a crime referred to as "Unlawful Sexual call with a 17 Year Old." come commit the crime, one adult requirements to it is in 7 years older 보다 the 17 year old, and also has to have actually sexual task with them, even if it is consensual or non-consensual. Non-consensual sexual task is constantly a crime. It is harder because that a minor come validly consent to sexual task than the is for an adult. Thus, if LE got a report of non-consensual sexual activity with a minor, they would certainly investigate the allegation.


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