Bearded dragons room picky eaters. Our is no exception, particularly when it concerns getting she to eat she veggies. At any time we uncover something she actually likes and will eagerly eat, it’s constantly a great day!

So when we uncovered out the Bacardi, our beardie, looooooooooved carrots, we acquired excited! us started adding carrots to her salad daily and also life to be good.

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Then we started seeing world online say the carrots were not an excellent for moustache dragons. Some stated they were okay once in a while. Rather said never ever to usage them. Still, rather made a situation that castle are an excellent daily veggies.

So we collection out to discover the actual deal about feeding carrots to a moustache dragon ~ above a daily basis. It take it a while, yet we ultimately got a fact-based answer from an expert.

Carrots have the right to be fed come bearded dragons daily with no threat to their health. Some world fear the the vitamin A in carrots can be dangerous. What they are not taking right into account is that carrots save vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Mustache dragons transform beta-carotene come vitamin A safely and excrete any excess.


To watch all the foods items you can and also can’t feed a mustache dragon, make sure and also check out our complete bearded dragon food list with 237 different foods listed. We’ll show you what’s safe, what’s not, and also what the healthiest food options are for her beardie!!!

What makes a good daily vegetables for bearded dragons?

As a mustache dragon owner, you’ve more than likely realized the beardies space picky eaters. Much like small children, they’ll regularly turn your noses up in ~ the very foods that are best for them. That makes feeding her beardie a healthy and balanced diet challenging.

This stroller, stick eating leads many dragon owner on a find for a perform of foodstuffs that are not only an excellent for your beardie but additionally something the their beardie enjoys and will eagerly eat.

Finding the intersection that nutrition and also appeal is the vital to recognize a solid list of great daily feeder veggies for your beardie.

It doesn’t matter just how nutritious miscellaneous is, if her beardie won’t eat it, it’s no a great choice for your consistent feeding schedule.

For us, radicchio is a good example the this. It’s a great option for day-to-day feeding. Yet our beardie can’t was standing it. If us tried to pressure the issue, she merely wouldn’t eat. Your beardie, top top the other hand, may love it!

Our beardie transforming her earlier on radicchio

As for what to look because that nutritionally, we have a pair of resources for you. First are our can be downloaded nutrition guide and shopping list. Second is our full post on moustache dragon nutrition.

Between those, you’ll find plenty that options. Your beardie is bound to favor at least a few of them!

The value of carrots for bearded dragons

Carrots have actually a distinctive place top top the perform of veggies one can feed your bearded dragon. Their combination of shining color and also sweet taste provides them something that a majority of bearded dragons will not only eat however enjoy.

This is certainly the situation with our beardie. If we put a salad under for her of mixed greens only, she may or may not hover over and eat. If that very same salad has actually carrots in it, she eagerly makes her way to her dish and enjoys part salad.

If you haven’t noticed, beardies aren’t exactly precise with what end up in their mouth. In going ~ those carrots, she ends up eat a the majority of the surrounding greens too.

She eats an ext greens when there are additionally carrots in there.

This provides carrots especially an important to those that us through picky eaters on our hands. By recognize a few things come sprinkle in amongst that day’s greens, we can gain our beardies to inadvertently eat points they usually wouldn’t.

Another reason why carrots space special is that unlike fruit (another point you deserve to sprinkle in to obtain your beardie come eat their veggies), carrots can be fed every day. They room low in fat, high in fiber, and also have just about fifty percent the street of a comparable amount the fruit.

The two drawbacks you’ll hear about carrots space oxalates and vitamin A. After much research, it transforms out the neither is cause for issue when it involves carrots.


Oxalic acid

Oxalic acid is discovered in a selection of green veggies. It’s many predominant in green leafy vegetables prefer romaine, parsley, and also spinach. Oxalic mountain binds come calcium and also therefore provides it bio-unavailable come the bearded dragon that eats it.

Since calcium is a critical mineral because that bearded dragon to consume, having it bound to oxalates rather of being absorbed is a poor thing. High oxalate foods items are not recommended for your beardie.

But oxalic mountain is existing in a many fruits and veggies in moderate amounts. It’s difficult to protect against altogether and in center amounts, it’s generally not harmful.

So what walk this average for carrots? It’s it s okay to feed a small amount the carrot to her beardie every day. When an unified with the suitable diet, and also supplementation schedule, no damage will come because of the oxalate content of carrots.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

The next source of problem is vitamin A. Too lot vitamin A is an extremely bad for your bearded dragon. It will make castle sick and also possibly worse.

That said, your beardie still requirements a healthy and balanced level the vitamin A. It’s a more complicated issue 보다 simply staying clear of it.

The an essential is having the right proportion of vitamin A to vitamin D and E. Those 3 work-related together and also having also high a proportion of A to the other two spells troubles for her bearded dragon.

Luckily, mommy nature has a equipment for you. And it’s developed right right into those carrots your beardie loves so much.

Carrots don’t actually have vitamin A in them. What they have is beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a carotenoid. It’s the point that provides carrots orange in the first place. When eaten by your beardie, that is converted internally come vitamin A.

The cool thing around mother nature is the your beardie will certainly only transform as lot as lock need and will excrete the rest. Unless you space stuffing them with vast amounts that carrots every day, they simply can’t get too much vitamin A from eat carrots.

Vitamin A vs Beta-carotene

We have actually first-hand experience with the difference in between giving a bearded dragon directly vitamin A versus offering them beta carotene. It was an expensive and also scary lesson come learn!

When we first got Bacardi, our bearded dragon, we believed we to be doing everything right. She to be a rescue and had some health problems to start with, but we felt prefer we had set up the perfect house for her to be healthy and also happy.

A few weeks after bringing she home, her power levels were method down. She to be lethargic and not moving roughly much at all. She likewise stopped eating, even her roaches. If Bacardi doesn’t scarf under roaches when they are placed in front of her, you recognize something is wrong!

Then she began vomiting. Once or double a work she threw increase anything that she did control to eat. We instantly called the vet.

The vet came out, offered her a shot, told us to adjust around her supplements a tiny (giving she a multivitamin every day was the biggest change), and also said no to feed her for a few days.

After a few days, she appeared better, therefore we available her food and also the brand-new regimen of everyday multivitamins. Within a week she was sick again.

So we called the vet the end a 2nd time. He gave one more injection, ran some an ext tests, and included twice-daily injections because that the next month to the prescribed treatment. Yep, we had to offer her a shot twice a day because that a month!

For the very first two weeks, she did not get any better. We were really worried. She quit eating completely. However by the end of the month, she seemed earlier to being healthy again. She began eating and also therefore acquiring her vitamins again.

And climate she got sick a third time. At that point, us panicked a little. We invested hours and hours searching the web for what could be the problem. And also that’s when we came throughout a summary of the symptom of a vitamin A overdose.

Bacardi had every solitary one. however where was it comes from? It transforms out the a certain brand that reptile vitamin, the one us were using, has a ton that vitamin A in it. Waaaaaay too lot for a bearded dragon!

We uncovered out that a different brand offered beta-carotene rather for precisely this reason. We automatically switched her multivitamin.

This one is no good, waaaaaay too lot vitamin A!Here we watch no vitamin A, simply beta-CaroteneHere you deserve to see both the difficulty supplement and also the one that resolved the problem.

Within a week she to be fine. No, better than fine. She was up and eating and also exploring and digging and also healthier 보다 we’d ever seen her.

We to be still providing her the multivitamin daily, yet just the one v beta-carotene instead of vitamin A.

It transforms out that nature yes, really does know what it’s doing! and also this is just how we learned first hand the beta-carotene is simply fine to give your beardie daily. Vitamin A is not.

The trouble is the most world assume carrots have vitamin A in its life form. They don’t recognize anything about beta-carotene and also how that is supplied by her beardie come make just the right amount that vitamin A.

Feed the entirety carrot


So the was a nice long method to phone call you the carrots are just fine to feed to your beardie daily. However we didn’t talk about which component of the carrot.

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So far, we’ve only been referring to the orange part. However what about the greens top top top? Well, those are an excellent to feed her beardie too! They space healthy and also nutritious and also a great thing come mix in through the carrot itself.

The goal, ~ all, isn’t to feed her beardie only carrots. It’s to mix carrots right into other greens so that they eat the whole salad!

But whether it’s just the orange carrot itself or the whole thing, greens and all, don’t hesitate to offer your beardie carrots every day. They’ll most likely love them and also that’s a victory in any bearded dragon owner’s book!