Sunbeam heater Pad

Heating pads (not to be confused with an electric blanket) are typical household commodities that deserve to do wonders for ill muscles, earlier pain, or menstrual cramps. Personally, my heating pad is just one of my many prized family members health commodities – I use it constantly.

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Ahhh…I feeling relaxed just thinking around laying down and enjoying together that soothing warmth radiates over my stiff and sore muscles, nothing you?

But wait – don’t get too relaxed simply yet!

While her heating pad may seem favor it’s totally harmless, if supplied improperly, it deserve to actually placed you in extreme danger.


Sleeping through your heating pad ~ above is a prime instance of a huge no-no once it come to ideal use – maybe the biggest.

I dislike to rest it to you but if you’re heater pad is her favorite sleeping buddy, that time to kick your hot little friend the end of bed.

Trust me, i know just how tempting it can be to simply drift off to sleep in the warm embrace of your heating pad. I endure from ‎horrific term cramps and also my heater pad has long to be my best tool because that fighting lock – especially when i’m sleeping. And in winter? My heating pad helped warmth my bed to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

But not anymore! I’m below to tell friend – no much more sleeping through your heater pad!

That is, just if you care around your health and well-being the course.

Not convinced? join me as I examine several of the methods that resting with your heating pad can be hazardous to your health and also safety.

1. Resting Pads deserve to Burn Your house Down


Over 2,000 people die every year in house fires.

Okay, therefore not every one of those fires began by civilization falling asleep v their heating pads – however some did.

When using any kind of electrical product, especially one the heats up favor a heating pad, there’s the opportunity of it recording on or beginning a fire. This is why it’s critical that you stay conscious and also alert as soon as using a heater pad – or any type of other electrical product.

Say something goes wrong and also your heater pad suddenly records on fire. If she sound asleep as soon as this happens, it may be as well late to save yourself or your family by the time your woken increase by the flames.

But how exactly does a seemingly properly working heating pad just start a fire?

i’m glad girlfriend asked.

There space a variety of possible reasons the your heater pad may start a fire

Sparking native the wiring, plug, or outlet.Frayed wires.Holes current in the cloth covering.An improperly work on/off move or temperature control.Lack of automatically shutoff mechanism.Use about flammable objects like plastic pillow or mattress covers.

With older version heating pads, you operation an even greater threat of fire since nearly none that these have temperature manage or automatic shut-off. Plus, there’s a much greater chance they’re merely worn the end – make a short-circuiting event much more likely.

When making use of a heating pad, you always run danger that that will begin a fire for any kind of of the abovementioned reasons – but if she sleeping once it happens, you might not be able to put that fire out and also keep the devastation to a minimum in time.

Bottom line – nothing sleep v your heating pad if you desire to avoid obtaining stuck in a dangerous residence fire.

2. Heater Pads can Burn girlfriend In her Sleep


Usually burns are linked with fire – or the sun – however rarely heating pads.

After all, isn’t over there some kind of temperature manage build-in to protect people from that?

Well, yes, most newer heating pads have a integrated temperature control mechanism. But even a heater pad set at the temperature lowest setup can burn friend if it’s left ~ above the skin for too lengthy – prefer while she sleeping.

It’s actually possible to sustain first, second, or even third degree burns native the an extensive use of a heater pad in one area of her body.

Seems strange, right? i will not ~ you feel a heating pad burning you and also promptly remove it? no if you’re sleeping.

And even if you’re a very light sleeper, think about it – when you get sunburnt, you don’t actually feel the pains burn until its currently happened. If girlfriend did, no one would ever before get a sunburn!

Same concept with heater pads.

Sleeping v your heater pad ~ above delivers constant heat come one area of your body. End those long nighttime hours, that constant heat progressively cooks her skin.

Falling asleep through a heater pad on will likely have actually you waking up v a painful job of red skin that may also require medical attention.

This can be specifically dangerous for civilization with diabetes or various other medical problems that reason them to have reduced skin sensitivity. They will have a tough time emotion the pain of the burn, making that even an ext dangerous.1

The goal of utilizing a heating pad is to apply some facet of warm to injuries or cramps, no to fry your skin off. Protect against painful heater pad burns by remove (and unplugging) her heating pad before falling asleep.

3. Heating Pads can Actually cause Circulation and also Inflammation While girlfriend Sleep


When you warm up a sick muscle, it properly increases blood circulation to that area and opens the muscle up. This is why a heating pad can be therefore soothing and also is a very useful machine for dealing with that sore neck the you wake up up with.

The problem with this is that raising blood flow to one area the muscle because that too long can additionally increase inflammation.2

Wait, huh? I believed the whole point of heater a sick muscle was to reduce inflammation?

Yes and no. Really, that cold temperature that much more effectively mitigate inflammation and hot temperature that minimize pain. However, part application that heat can in fact assist with inflammation – if used correctly.

If done incorrectly, you’re just temporarily soothing her sore muscle and also ultimately worsening your as whole pain. Applying heat come an injured muscle for also long, like as soon as sleeping, will only result in a slower healing process and enhanced pain when the warm is removed.

Most medical specialists advise the you use heat because that twenty minutes and also then eliminate it because that twenty minutes, continuing this process as long as needed.1

The other worry with the increased blood flow to one area is the it effects your circulation.

When you warmth up one area for a long period of time, like when you’re resting through the night, the blood basically gets trapped there and also isn’t able come circulate to other areas. This deserve to lead come painful organization damage and future circulation issues.

Your heating pad have to soothe her pain and injuries, not make them worse! In stimulate to avoid injury or recurring worries with circulation, perform not sleep v your heating pad on.

Heating Pad Safety

Sunbeam heater Pad

If that hasn’t been made clean already, the number one safety preeminence with heater pads is…

…DO no SLEEP with YOUR heating PAD!

If friend are also the slightest little bit worried that you may fall asleep through your heating pad on, shot one that these choices instead the an electric heating pad:Use a circulating hot water pad or a hypo/hyperthermia machine – many hospitals use these devices due to the fact that the temperature is thermostatically controlled which allows them come be much more safe for resting or unconscious patients.

Make your very own sleep-safe DIY heating pad – take a little cloth bag or even and old sock and fill it with grains or rice. This deserve to be microwaved and also used properly as a heater pad without any type of danger!

Purchase ThermaCare heat Wraps.

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these self-heating small packets deserve to be grounding in your apparel or under your body because that muscle relief without any health risks.