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The good game of chess has actually two the opposite sides, light colored and also dark colored. The 2 sides are briefly dubbed White and Black. White constantly goes first.

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For starters, let"s go over how many pieces there space in chess, add to the chess piece names.

Each player has 16 pieces:


1 King1 Queen2 Rooks (or Castles)2 Bishops2 Knights8 Pawns

The pieces stand ~ above the board until they are captured. Each piece is top top its very own square, and also moves indigenous one square to another.

How walk a Chess video game End?

the King that one side is captured, orthe contestants agree come a attract issue.
The King moves from that is square come a bordering square,the Rook have the right to move in its line or row,the Bishop move diagonally,the Queen might move favor a Rook or a Bishop,the Knight jumps in make the shortest relocate that is not a directly one, andthe Pawn moves one square directly ahead.

But the over moves room only permitted if the square the piece lands on is north or occupied by a hostile piece.

Times once two pieces relocate at the same time:

When a hostile item is "captured," (i.e. Eliminated from the board), In "Castling,"Or in "Queening" a pawn.

Moreover, the motion of a Rook, Bishop or Queen stops when they win an lived in square.



Thus, a Bishop top top c1 may go to any kind of square in the diagonal c1, d2, e3, f4, g5, h6 unless one of these squares is occupied;

if e3 is occupied, f4, g5, and also h6 room obstructed and also the Bishop might not be relocated there.

The Rook, Bishop or Queen, however, have the right to "capture" the obstruction, provided it is a enemy piece, by placing the moving piece ~ above the square lived in by the obstruction and also removing the latter into the box.

Also, the other pieces, King, Knight and Pawn, may catch hostile men. The King or the Knight, whenever they deserve to move to the square organized by a enemy man, the Pawn, however, however not with a diagonal move forward come a neighboring square.

All pieces space subject to catch except the King. the life is sacred; the player must defend it, that perishes only once no feasible resource have the right to save it from capture.

"Checkmate" occurs when a player cannot conserve his King native capture. When this occurs, the video game is over.

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The rules detailed above are not complete, and also are too brief, yet they provide a lively impression that the Chess struggle. Us shall now describe the chess rule in detail and at length in order to illuminate the assorted logical consequences that come in come play.