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Bearded dragons deserve to eat a range of vegetables consisting of root crops. However certainly, no all vegetables space safe and healthy because that beardies.So, have the right to bearded dragons eat sweet potato?Bearded dragons have the right to eat sweet potato however only in tiny amount and also as an sometimes treat. Sweet potatoes have high vitamin A content and also disproportionate ratio for calcium to phosphorous which room not great for bearded dragons.

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As girlfriend know, choosing food for beardies requires making certain that the food has actually the best calcium and phosphorous combination. The ideal ratio is 2:1. Sweet potato has method disproportionate ratio making that not good food for beardies.To offer you clearer picture of what your reptile will acquire from eating sweet potato, i have consisted of a table below. The table summarizes the nutrient that sweet potato contains.
Nutritional truth of Sweet PotatoesEnergyProteinVitamin ACalciumPhosphorousHow come Prepare Sweet Potatoes for Bearded Dragons?Final thoughts on deserve to Bearded dragon Eat Sweet PotatoRelated Questions

Nutritional truth of Sweet Potatoes

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)NameAmountUnitEnergy86kcalProtein1.6gVitamin A equiv.709μgCalcium30mgPhosphorus47mg
Source: WikipediaSweet potato contains more nutrients 보다 what is listed in the table. However, i only consisted of the nutrient that are far-reaching for beardies.These few constituents have possible effects ~ above the all at once health the the moustache dragons. Let’s talk about them one through one.Related Article: deserve to Bearded dragons Eat Radishes? (Is the Safe?)


As you have the right to see, sweet potatoes are great source that energy. This provides potatoes a great food because that those who are physically active. However, that is vital to remember that beardies in bondage are commonly not physically active.Their little environment constrains them from relocating freely. In the wild, they supplied to roam and also hunt insects. This things room not accessible in their synthetic habitat.Consuming high calorie foods items is not good if the human body does not use it. Physical activities are a method to use it. I imply that you avoid feeding your beardies too lot calorie-rich foods.


Bearded dragons require protein specifically the younger ones. About 80% of their diet have to be protein. This is the reason why they eat an ext insects 보다 greens.Sweet potato does not have enough amount the protein for beardies. This makes potatoes not good as component of moustache dragons’ staple food.

Vitamin A

As you deserve to see, vitamin A is super high in sweet potatoes. Mustache dragons require vitamin A but only in right amount. Having too much of this vitamin is actually harmful to bearded dragons.Beardies deserve to suffer native vitamin A toxicity if they consumed too lot vitamin A-rich foods. This is a serious condition in moustache dragons. It typically happens once reptiles are given vitamin A supplements while eat vitamin A-rich foods.Supplements are helpful for mustache dragons. No issue how well balanced their diet is, castle still require supplements. However just be mindful not to overfeed castle supplements.


Sweet potatoes also contain calcium. Calcium is helpful for beardies in emerging healthy and also stronger bones. The lack of calcium may cause health issues. The most usual one is metabolic bone disease.Metabolic bone an illness is a health problem in moustache dragons identified by weak and brittle bones. This could reason many behavior issues in beardies too. Trust me, girlfriend don’t want to view your beardies endure from this condition.


Sweet potato is also a great source that phosphorous. This mineral plays a crucial role in the maintenance and also repair the cells and tissues in the body. Bearded dragon surely need phosphorous.However, the problem with sweet potato is that it has disproportionate calcium to phosphorous ratio. Together you can see, the phosphorous level is greater than calcium.Remember that one of the considerations when selecting foods for bearded dragon is the calcium and phosphorous content.The ideal proportion is 2:1 (calcium to phosphorous). Unfortunately, sweet potato has greater level that phosphorous 보다 calcium making it unreasonable food for beardies.If you desire to feed her beardies sweet potatoes, make sure that the is not much more than a treat. Too much of this food is definitely not a good idea because that bearded dragons.Related Article: have the right to Bearded dragons Eat Potatoes? truth You have to Know

How come Prepare Sweet Potatoes for Bearded Dragons?

Sweets potato come with different shapes and also colors. But there is something usual to them – texture. All potatoes are hard and mostly fibrous.Foods like this are difficult for bearded dragons to digest. Remember the beardies are prone come choking and also impaction. I have actually been asked in forums around the correct means of preparing sweet potatoes for bearded dragons.One the the usual questions is what is the best method to feeding potato to bearded dragons, cook or raw. Actually, sweet potato belong come a couple of food categories that can be all set both raw and also cooked.If you have actually been analysis my short articles on this blog, girlfriend might additionally know that i don’t introduce feeding beardies cooked foods. Processed foods lose their natural nutrients making it unhealthy for beardies.Cooking sweet potato will just serve one objective – that is to do it soft sufficient for beardies come eat. Yet the nutritional worth is lesser 보다 its raw counterpart.If you offer raw sweet potatoes, make sure that that is finely chopped. Bear in mind the beardies room prone come choking.The best means to do this is to use a grater to do it is soft and fine sufficient for bearded dragon to eat. Over there are numerous ways to prepare potatoes because that beardies. Just make certain that the slices room not bigger than the distance in between their eyes.As a dominance of thumb, bearded dragons’ foods items should no be bigger than the an are between your eyes. Ns don’t why however the distance in between their eyes space indicative the the size of food they can conveniently eat without having actually digestive problems.

Final thoughts on can Bearded dragon Eat Sweet Potato

Bearded dragons have the right to eat sweet potatoes in tiny amount and on an sometimes basis. This is as result of its high vitamin A content and disproportionate ratio for calcium come phosphorous.Foods the don’t have good combination of calcium and also phosphorous room not good for moustache dragons.In regards to preparation, sweet potatoes can be fed to beardies in life or cooked.I expect this helps. Say thanks to you for reading.

Related Questions

Can bearded dragon eat sweets?Bearded dragons cannot eat sweets or foods that have high sugar content. Their digestive systems are not developed for sugary foods. Sweet foods are harmful for beardies.Can bearded dragon eat carrots?Yes, bearded dragons have the right to eat carrots. Carrots are great source the vitamin A and Beta-carotene i beg your pardon are great for beardies.Can girlfriend overfeed a moustache dragon?No, mustache dragons have to not it is in overfed. It is not healthy and balanced for mustache dragons. Lock will most likely end up being overweight.

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What vegetables can bearded dragons eat?Bearded dragons have the right to eat a range of vegetables including yet not minimal to collard greens, beet greens, mustard greens, broccoli, turnip greens, alfalfa, bok choi, kale, parsley, Swiss chard, clover, savory, cilantro, kohlrabi, bell peppers, escarole, and green beans.