Absolutely, if you provide your i cry an ear of corn on the cob, they room going come be an ext than happy. It’s funny to clock them strip a cob and also eat the by spread away. Corn is a good “fuel” food, and it urges their natural scratching behavior.

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Can chicken Eat raw Corn ~ above the Cob?

Yep, girlfriend don’t have to chef corn before giving that to your chickens.

They can eat the raw, cooked, from the can, cracked corn, fresh, also frozen. In whatever type you give them corn, lock going to eat it.

A many owners choose to provide their chickens corn top top the cob together it’s for this reason easy. You simply throw them an ear – that’s what the cob is dubbed – and leave them come peck away at it.

It’s fun to hang one up too. The surprising just how much chickens seem come enjoy having actually something to chase and play with, therefore I constantly hang food at every opportunity.

Is Corn tough to Digest for Chickens?


Corn is notorious for do its method through our cradle system and being clearly shows in our poop.

It’s a gross subject to speak about, but it’s no a secret.

I understand some the you space wondering if you going come spot lots of undigested yellow corn shells in your chicken’s poop, right?

I’ve never noticed it. Ns don’t recognize from a clinical standpoint if chickens are able come completely malfunction and digest the corn shells, however it shows up so come me.

Either way, chickens carry out not have any type of issues eating and digesting corn, therefore you have nothing to concern about.

Don’t forget, chickens have a very different digestive mechanism from us. Lock don’t have actually teeth, instead, they have actually something referred to as a gizzard that munches up your food.

The gizzard is a huge muscle that usually contracts and also “chews” up food. This is why chickens likewise eat grit, the grit is required to provide a stormy and solid substance come grind up the food.

Take that from me, corn doesn’t was standing a opportunity of enduring their gizzard. It it s okay chewed up into tiny pieces and passes with their tiny intestine wherein the nutrients are absorbed.

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What’s a Well-Balanced Diet because that Backyard Chickens?

Feeding your chicken a well-balanced diet is essential to certain they continue to be healthy and lay big, delicious egg on a consistent basis.

The main component of a chicken’s diet originates from a good commercial feed. This is walking to make up at least 90% that their overall diet and will administer them every the necessary nutrients they need.

Commercial feeds generally come in crumbled or pelleted form. That really easy to feeding them, just top up their feeder twice a day and also they’ll graze as and when castle need.

In addition to a poultry feed, you can likewise give your chicken table scraps, fruits, vegetables, grains, and other foods.

As lengthy as you’ve excellent a quick check to certain the foods items are safe for them. There are some foods items that are perhaps toxic (I’ll cover some below), therefore it’s always worth easily checking.

Then there’s grit. Chickens need to eat grit to assist them digest food together I extended above.

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Some Other foodstuffs That Are good for Chickens

Feeding chicken scraps is among the most lucrative and fun parts of raising backyard chicks.

Here space some of foodstuffs owners frequently share with the chicken that are great for them:

Vegetables – many vegetables space fine. As lengthy as lock fresh and also healthy because that us, lock going come be good for her chickens. Few of the best are cabbage, broccoli, carrots, etc.

Fruits – many fruits are fine and are packed with tons of great nutrition chicken can advantage from. I’d say few of the most renowned fruits are bananas, figs, apples, orange, berries, and also melons.

Grains – grains (like corn) room a staple in most commercial chicken feed and scratch mixes. They carry out a great range that nutrition, space a an excellent source the energy, and also promote their natural foraging behavior. Grains prefer wheat, quinoa, or oats room awesome.

Foods Chickens must Not Eat


As I stated above, it’s crucial to understand which foods items your chickens should be avoiding.

This isn’t a complete list, yet here are few of the most common foods that owners space not usually conscious of gift dangerous:

Raw beans – Unless effectively cooked, many beans are an extremely toxic come chickens, also fatal in tiny amounts.

Chocolate – There room compounds in cacao that room toxic to chickens; theobromine and also caffeine. These are also toxic to most household pets and small animals.

Tea and also Coffee – ns love mine tea and coffee, it’s a shame i can’t enjoy a cuppa with my flock. Tea and coffee also contain caffeine, and also coffee contains theobromine. So, it’ll come together no surprise that this beverages are likewise toxic come chooks.

Green Tomatoes and also Potatoes – It’s always said in the neighborhood that potatoes are toxic to chickens. The reality is, however, that it’s only once potatoes and also tomatoes are eco-friendly that castle harmful.

When they’re green it’s a sign that they’re creating a toxin referred to as solanine. They execute this to ward turn off bugs from eat them, it’s powerful enough to impact chickens and us despite so beware.

Avocado Pits/Skin – The dangers of avocado is renowned to many pet owners. The flesh is fine, but the pits and also stones that avocados contain a toxin dubbed persin.

Sugary, Greasy, fat Foods – all the foods items that your physician would recommend you cut down ~ above – don’t provide them come chickens. Stuff like quick food, soda drinks, candy, and so on are bad for chickens and also hard for them to digest properly.

In an introduction – deserve to Chickens Eat Corn ~ above the Cob?

Corn ~ above the cob, corn turn off the cob, it no matter. Corn is fine because that chickens; it’s not going to be new to them as it’s typically used in their commercial feeds because that its nutritional value.

If you’re offering some to her chickens simply make sure it’s a treat at the end of the day.

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As long as lock getting all of their dietary demands met by a great commercial feed, you have the right to enjoy treating your flock.


Image credits – Header picture by chatnarin pramnapan, raw corn top top the cob photo by Andre Ouellet, chicken photo by wilhelm Moreland on Unsplash