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Budgies and cockatiels room two of the most renowned pet bird in the world and also many owners uncover themselves wondering at some point whether the two species can live together in the same cage. It’s a straightforward inquiry with a no so black and also white answer.

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Budgies and cockatiels can live together when they have had actually a opportunity to obtain to know each other and you have observed them acquiring along. Yet there always remains a risk that conflicts could happen which result in injuries or fatalities.

If you decide to take it the plunge and also make your budgie and teil housemates climate you have to do an ext than just watch them play together when or twice. There are several various other really essential things you need to consider.

Before you start: What you must know around budgies & tiels

Budgies and cockatiels space no stranger to one another. Your relationship has spanned thousands of years, wherein flocks that both birds have actually shared the very same habitat in the Australian outback because that generations.

And for the most component the 2 types generally get along rather well. Castle both sociable creatures who go about their lives in the wild every day usually socializing through their own kind if tolerating the rather presence.

Generally speak this relationship extends come pet budgies and cockatiels together well. Generations of advancement has teach them the a adjacent cockatiel or budgie is natural, and also not necessarily a threat.

But uneven wild birds, ours feathered pets friends don’t have the luxury of a large wide world to to escape to once they feeling the desire because that their own space. Friend see just like people, once birds room housed in nearby proximity v each other for prolonged times over there is always the threat that tensions will arise.

And these tensions have the potential come occur more frequently as soon as you start housing birds of different types together.

So what go this median for pets budgie & tiel owners?

Put simply, it method that it is possible to house a budgie and a cockatiel in the very same cage but you’ll never be able to completely rule the end the risk that her birds might fight, leading to one, or both, gift seriously injured.

Now I know there are some people who will say they have actually housed tiels and budgies with each other for year without a problem, and that’s probably true, but it doesn’t average the hazard isn’t there.

Remember birds have actually personalities too and also we can’t always predict just how they will respond when placed under stress.

So, you’re aware of the risks however still want to go ahead and move her birds in together. Climate you’re walk to need to do a tiny groundwork first.

It every starts v the right introduction

Want to enhance the possibilities that her birds will certainly hit the off and live a harmonious life together? then it every starts with the right introduction.

If you to be to wake up up one day and decide to litter a budgie and a cockatiel with each other in the very same cage, without a proper introduction, then you considerably increase the threat of a conflict.

Especially if the cage was currently home to one of the birds. Imagine you woke up one day to uncover a full stranger living in your house. You’d more than likely freak out a small too.

So what go a proper arrival look like?

A great place to start is through placing your budgie and cockatiel into separate cages and also place those different cages right beside each other, preferably where both birds can see every other.

This gives them their an initial real chance to socialize and also bond and enables both bird to get comfortable with having actually the other around.

If you have the space, and you have the right to be sure your birds won’t escape, then the next step is to permit both birds to invest time together playing and also socializing exterior their cages.

Now it’s really important that you execute this in a neutral space, the is a an are that is no the normal home of among the birds. Again you’re trying to protect against that home invasion scenario. Think of it choose going to the park to gain to recognize a new acquaintance before you invite them home for coffee.

You’ll desire to collection up number of of this ‘play dates’ each week, because that 2 to 4 weeks, before thinking about moving to the following stage.

If girlfriend don’t have actually the an are or the not feasible to permit your birds to fly roughly outside their cages then you could shot putting both birds with each other for a short duration in an additional cage. When again make certain it’s no a cage offered by either bird normally.

Regardless of which choice you select it is absolutely crucial that friend supervise the birds throughout these ‘get to understand each other’ play dates and also be all set to separate them at a moments an alert at the an initial sign the conflict.

Time to relocate in

So your birds have had several main of play dates and also now you’re reasoning it could be time to take it to the following level and move lock in together. Just how do you understand if lock ready?

Well the an initial obvious point out is that they haven’t tried to attack or hurt each other. Yet you might also want to look out for indicators like these:

Both birds gain playing together, particularly on the same devices or toys, there is no conflictShows that affectionate in the direction of each various other such together preening each others feathersAbility to share treats or fruits and vegetables without conflictSinging and bird chatter between between birds

You simply want to have actually a genuine sense that both the budgie and also the tiel are acquiring along. If you’ve been supervising their visits correctly then friend should have a great feel for how the relationship is walk after several weeks.

Once you’re i was sure that relationship is working and both birds have actually bonded you deserve to go ahead and also move castle in together.

After you ar both birds in a cage with each other it’s essential you quiet supervise them, or at least check in on lock regularly, in the first few weeks simply to make sure the connection hasn’t soured.

Check for any type of sign that can indicate conflict including injuries, blood or evident signs the one bird is intimidated by the other.

Make sure that you are prepared with a preventive cage in instance you have to separate lock again quickly.

Maintaining the peace

Beyond a proper introduction there are number of really important things you can do to maintain the peace between your birds after they relocate in together.

Here’s my optimal tips because that ensuring your budgie and also cocaktiel obtain along as housemates:

Provide the right size cage. The golden rule with cage size is go as large as possible (Amazon has actually a great range that cages here). A great guide because that minimum size is:Width = 11/2 times the largest birds wingspan (21in / 53cm)Length = At least 1 soup beat between perches plus space for a bird to turn around on a perch there is no hitting tail-feathers top top cage bars (26in / 66cm)Height = 3 times size of tallest bird from head to pointer of tail feather (36in / 91cm)Provide hiding places within the cage whereby birds can go if they feeling intimidated or require their own spaceIdeas include tiny hollow logs, igloo or dome shaped toys or a stacked heap of hardwood blocks with hollows large enough for a birdProvide enough perch space so each bird deserve to perch without emotion overcrowdedThe cage should have at the very least 2 perches quiet (1 on each end) but provide much more if neededProvide enough fruits, vegetables or treats for everyone to stop fightsProvide a dim night light in ~ night as cockatiels are prone to night terrors and also their startled night awakenings might startle a budgie, bring about it to damaged itself

Other considerations

Among various other considerations the greatest one come be conscious of is feeding.

Cockatiels and also budgies have comparable but various diets. You have the right to read more about budgie diets and also cockatiel diet by click the links yet the main thing you require to recognize is that a cockatiels diet is higher in fat 보다 a budgies.

Providing just cockatiel or budgie seed will typical that either your tiel won’t gain its fat intake or the her budgie will certainly pig the end on fatty tiel seeds and develop excessive weight or liver problems.

To overcome this you require to provide both varieties of seed to her birds, preferably in separate containers and also at different ends of the cage. If you discover one bird is eating too lot of the others seed or not sufficient of their own then you could have to feed them separately or try feeding lock at various times that the day until you can gain the balance right.

When it concerns fruits and also vegetables anything the is safe for your budgie will be good for her cockatiel therefore make sure to provide plenty the these. Usage these web links to check out a list of for sure fruits and also vegetables for budgies.

When tensions rise

You have the right to do whatever right to ensure her budgie and also tiel acquire along however sometimes tensions might still arise.

This is much more likely come occur about breeding season (around beforehand spring come mid summer), as soon as one or both birds instinctively come to be protective the their an are or a potential nesting site.

A broody female bird in breeding condition may also use physical pressure to safeguard this space.

And friend don’t need to have a breeding pair or also a bird the is laying because that this to occur.

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Unfortunately the only guaranteed way to avoid injury to either bird when this occurs is to put them ago into different cages until their urges subside. As soon as the broodiness passes it need to be ok to put your birds earlier together.