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Being herbivores, vegetables consist of a huge part part of a guinea pigs diet, together high top quality hay, pellets and also other new food consisting of fruit. Depending on where girlfriend live you likely have access to a selection of different veggies in her house and might be wondering which ones are the best to feed your piggy. To assist you out here’s a perform of 21 the the ideal vegetables her guinea pigs will certainly love.

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Bell peppers / capsicum of any type of color Red and green cabbageCelery stalksAsparagusBeetrootBasilCarrots – with leavesCauliflowerCollard greensCucumberDandelion – greens and flowersKaleTurnip greensZucchiniBroccoliArugula SpinachBrussels sproutsChicoryRomaine / cos lettuceDill

While it’s difficult to say which vegetables is favored by guinea pigs the most (piggies have individual tastes similar to you and also me), try out the end a few, or all, of the vegetables listed below to discover out which one your pets choose the most.

The 21 ideal vegetables

Bell Peppers / Capsicum

Bell peppers – green, red, orange, and also yellow – room sweet and also delicious and also widely obtainable in numerous places.

They save fiber, i beg your pardon is an excellent for digestion, vitamin C which prevents scurvy and is crucial nutrient because that guinea pigs, antioxidants that fight totally free radicals, and also pantothenic mountain that increases the production of red blood cells.

Because that the quantity of sugar in red peppers, you want to limit the servings to a quarter pepper 2 times a week. Yellow and also green peppers are lower in calories and sugar and can be served more frequently. 


Cabbage is wealthy in micro-nutrients. 100g that red cabbage has actually 57.0mg vitamin C, as well as some vitamin A and K, every one of which boost a guinea pig’s immune system and also prevent inflammation.

Cabbage also contains antioxidants that fight totally free radicals. Keep serves come a best of 3 times per week to avoid excess vitamin K intake.

Celery Stalks

Celery stalks save vitamin C, calcium, and also phosphorous which a guinea pig needs for digestive and immune health. They likewise have part levels that antioxidants and are water-rich.

Because celery has a an extremely high water content (which causes diarrhea if piggies eat too much) you’ll desire to offer it in small quantities alongside various other leafy veggies, if feeding every day, or save servings to no much more than 2 or 3 times a week.


This vegetable includes vitamins A, D, C, K, potassium, and folate. That helps defend a cavy’s immune system, encourage’s the development of healthy bones, and helps v blood clotting.

Asparagus additionally has many antioxidants because that those unwanted cost-free radicals that speed the aging that cells. Though it is affluent in these great micro-nutrients, asparagus has oxalic mountain that can cause bladder stones if consumed without moderation. 2 stalks twice a week will certainly suffice.


Beetroots save on computer vitamin C, antioxidants, and minimal amounts that both phosphorous and also calcium. They an increase immunity, blood circulation, and aid fend off pesky complimentary radicals.

A quarter beetroot when or double a week is an excellent for a guinea pig. Watch out for red small faces the resemble something from a fear film after her cavy’s dine on your beets. 


Guinea pigs love the taste the basil and it’s unlikely you’ll have any trouble getting your pet to take to it.

Basil has lots that vitamin C, an important cavy nutrient, but it also has sensibly high level of calcium and phosphorus. You desire to limit this veggie/herb come a few leaves as soon as or double a week. 

Carrots – v Leaves 

Vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, and also fiber are several of the nutrients obtainable in carrots, together with natural sugars the make them a favourite for most guinea pigs.

Carrots are ideal for proper vision development and a healthy immune system. 3/4 cup 3 times a mainly is a safe serving. 


Rich in vitamins C, B-6, K, and also fiber, this vegetable no only urges bone development, yet it additionally promotes a healthy and balanced heart. It additionally packs antioxidants that defend the immune system.

Because of the calcium and also phosphorus contents you’ll want to limit the servings come 2 florets 3 times a week. 

Leafy collard greens are appropriate for a cavy due to the fact that they room rich in vitamins A, C, E, and also K because that heart health, immune boost, and bone formation.

Collard greens are likewise rich in calcium and also phosphorous, i m sorry are crucial for guinea pigs yet can reason problems if either is eaten in overfill so only two servings a mainly is encourage at 1 cup every serving. 


100g contains 2.8mg Vitamin C, tiny amounts of vitamin A and also K, part fiber and also low sheep of natural sugar. The is likewise low in calcium and also phosphorus, making it a safe summer treat.

The risk with watery veggies prefer cucumber is that too lot of them causes diarrhea in animals, so save servings to no more than ¾ a cup 3 – 4 time a week. 

Dandelion – Greens and also Flowers

Dandelion is well-known to patience a guinea pig, reassuring aching muscles, and assist in digestion. That is likewise rich in Vitamin C through a fairly low level of phosphorous.

A cavy will certainly eat both the leaves and flowers, yet not too numerous as castle may reason diarrhea. Three little servings, 3 times a week will certainly do. 


Kale has actually an awesome 120mg the Vitamin C in every 100g, making it a wonderful vegetables to offer your guinea pig.

Kale additionally contains vitamin A and also K and also only tiny quantities of sugar. Serve up 1 cup of fresh kale three times a week. 

Turnip Greens

With 60mg that vitamin C every 100g, turnip greens are also good for guinea pigs. They are low in calories, and so won’t increase your guinea pig’s waist line, and the iron existing in them is best for maintaining ideal blood levels.

Turnip leaves have actually some traces of calcium and also so only ¾ the a cup the this vegetable double a mainly is ideal. 


Zucchini has 17.9mg the vitamin C in every 100g, alongside healthy amounts of vitamins A, B-6 and also fibre.

It’s a low sugar, short calorie vegetable that can help maintain heart and immune system health. It tends to be a small watery despite so keep serves come a best of 3 – 4 every week.


Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C i m sorry protects guinea pigs indigenous scurvy and other bone development conditions.

While all components of the veggie are healthy, it have to be fed in moderation as it has oxalate, or oxalic acid, which can reason bladder stones in excessive doses. Two servings that ¾ a cup a week will certainly suffice. 


Arugula has actually a tangy taste and also texture, which can be periodically off putting for cavies, who will tend not binge on it. Castle will, however, eat castle without lot trouble if girlfriend mix castle with other leafy greens.

Arugula consists of low level of protein i beg your pardon is good for muscle growth, and the 15.0mg that vitamin C in 100g is great for scurvy prevention. Two to 3 leaves that arugula three times a week will be okay. 


Spinach consists of vitamins A, C, and also K and fiber and also protein. These nutrients are great for the heart, muscle growth and also development, the immune system, and also healthy bones if fiber helps through digestion.

The oxalate in spinach won’t enable you to feeding it to your piggy daily, but a serving of leaves 3 times a mainly is safe. 

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are packed through antioxidants that are an excellent for the immune system, fiber the aids in digestion, vitamin K because that bone development, and vitamin C because that scurvy prevention.

They are likewise low in sugar and also contain a an excellent ratio of phosphorus come calcium. Because of the oxalate acid in them, brussels sprouts need to not be a staple vegetable, however rather one that is fed just up come 2 time a week. 


This vegetable has actually a peppery taste and also is packed through nutrients. 100g has 23 calories, 0.7 g carbohydrates, 24mg of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients.

The sensibly high contents of Vitamin C provides it a an excellent addition to your guinea pig’s diet, yet the calcium and phosphorus levels space a bit of an problem if you feed too much.

You’ll want to feed chicory to her pet no much more than double a mainly in tiny quantities. 

Romaine / Cos Lettuce 

Lettuce contains Vitamins A, C, and also B-6 and a ton of various other micro-nutrients – zinc, iron, and magnesium – that keeps the heart and also body functioning together they should.

Magnesium also helps absorb calcium, thus preventing stones – a danger for guinea pigs. Half a cup day-to-day will suffice however don’t go above this together the water contents in lettuce can cause diarrhea. 


This herb not only calms a restless guinea pig, it additionally contains 85mg the Vitamin C in 100g. That’s a good thing as guinea pigs need many this mineral for their overall great health.

Dill likewise contains Vitamin A and antioxidants because that a healthy heart and cells. Since it additionally has calcium, you want to border it come one twig every serving, double a week. 

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