Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pumpkin?

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Every autumn, our thoughts revolve to pumpkin. Pumpkin spice, pumpkin muffins, and more…they’re all delicious treats!

People have been cultivating pumpkins for thousands of years as food for themselves and also domestic animals. The stands to reason, then, that you’re wonder if you can provide your guinea pig pumpkin!

The fast answer come the question is yes, however there’s a little an ext to learn prior to you market a pumpkin act to your pet. For example, exactly how much pumpkin can a cavy eat, and also how regularly can they have actually it?

What kinds of pumpkin commodities are safe for guinea pigs? can guinea pigs eat squash?

No problems – we’ve acquired you spanned with every the answer in our complete guide come pumpkin for guinea pigs!

Pumpkin Nutrition Stats

Even despite you can use pumpkin generally as an ingredient in small goods, it can be a tasty, nutritious fruit on its own. That’s right – pumpkin and squash room fruits!

A one-cup serving of raw, cubed pumpkin offers approximately:

30 calories5 g carbohydrates.6 g fiber2 g protein.1 g fat

Pumpkin Nutritional Facts


When it concerns vitamin A, pumpkin is a powerhouse. That same solitary cup of life diced pumpkin provides about 170% of your recommended daily intake, but that’s not all.

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You also get:

4 mg vitamin C2 mg vitamin E.7 mg niacin3 mcg vitamin K6 mcg folate4 mg calcium9 mg magnesium394 mg potassium.4 mg zinc

Pumpkin also contain traces the vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, copper, and manganese.

Can Guinea Pigs have Pumpkin?

Guinea pigs anywhere are jumping because that joy, due to the fact that the answer to this concern is yes! new pumpkin is a great treat because that guinea pigs, for this reason if you take place to have any kind of on hand, you can feel complimentary to share.

Is Pumpkin an excellent For Guinea Pigs?

Since the brimming with necessary nutrients and as it includes loads of healthy fiber, pumpkin is very an excellent for cavies. That course, you’ll want to market only little amounts, and also only give your cavy fresh pumpkin.

If a guinea pig eats too much pumpkin at once, an unfavorable side results including gas, bloating, and also diarrhea have the right to occur.

Do Guinea Pigs choose Pumpkin?

Lots the cavies prefer pumpkin – but not every one of them do. The best way to view if her guinea pig likes pumpkin is to offer them a sliver of fresh pumpkin and also see whether they nibble eagerly, or if they neglect it.

Of course, it can take time because that guinea pigs to acquire used to brand-new foods – particularly if they’re brand-new to her family and also you are still building trust.

How much Pumpkin can A Guinea Pig Eat?


That’s a an excellent question and also we’re happy you asked!

Here’s just how much pumpkin a to feed her guinea pig:

Baby guinea pigNone
Adult guinea pig1 inch cube of new pumpkin or winter squash

Since eating too lot pumpkin can reason digestive problems for guinea pigs, it’s an extremely important no to offer an ext than the encourage amount, even if her cavy loves pumpkin and also begs for more!

If this is the very first time your guinea pig is eat a crunchy vibrant vegetable, you’ll desire to clock for indications of indigestion, bloating, and diarrhea for about 12 hours after they’ve delighted in their treat. Pumpkin and also winter squash are safe for guinea pigs so problems are unlikely but can periodically occur.

How regularly Can A Guinea Pig Eat Pumpkin?

Because pumpkin is together a rich food, it’s ideal to offer it to your cavy simply two to three times every week. If you’re additionally feeding her guinea pig winter squash, counting each squash treat together a “pumpkin.”

These foods items are in the same family, with comparable nutritional profiles, therefore they’re an interchangeable part of her guinea pig’s menu.

The correct Diet is Important

The herbal guinea pig diet might sound boring by human being standards, yet in the wild, cavies flourish on grasses and also leafy plants. Friend should provide your guinea pig a diet comparable to what nature intended by providing a consistent supply of new Timothy hay, along with a drink bottle complete of clean, new water it is rinsed and also refilled every day.

Here’s what else to feed a guinea pig:

About one cup of new food per day, best split into two come three smaller sized servings; crunchy and also green irpari veggies need to be the focus.Fresh and clean water everyday!

What Are other Healthy choices To Pumpkin In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?


As devoted herbivores, guinea pigs really enjoy a wide variety of veggies and also fruits. Your alternatives are almost endless as soon as it comes time to select healthy treats for your cavy!

Here’s a perform of some popular veggies many guinea pigs like:

asparaguscarrotcarrot topsromainebeetsbeet topsartichokegreen beanscucumberbell peppersummer squashparsnipsweet potatotomatobroccolibroccoliniarugulaswiss chardspinachendiveescarolecabbagebasilcilantromintparsleybok choyyu choybutter lettucebuttercrunch lettucebibb lettucerocketcabbagezucchinicauliflowerbrussels sproutswatercress

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Remember to research new foods – even those that are safe – to make certain that friend know how to prepare them, which components to offer, and also how lot of each item to provide your guinea pig.

It’s one easy way to keep your pet happy, healthy, and engaged!

Now that you’re fully informed top top the subject of pumpkin for guinea pigs, why not offer a little of new pumpkin or squash and also see if your pet enjoys it?


Is pumpkin safe for guinea pigs?

Absolutely! So long as you sell the appropriate amount and don’t feeding it more often 보다 recommended, pumpkin is a safe, healthy and balanced treat for your cavy.

Can pumpkin make my guinea pig sick?

Even though pumpkin and also winter squash are healthy choices, they deserve to make your guinea pig noble if they’re consumed too regularly or if her cavy has too much at once. The best means to stop potential difficulties like gas, bloating, and diarrhea is to give your guinea pig the ideal amount the pumpkin and/or winter squash no much more than three times every week.

Can mine guinea pig eat pumpkin leaves and also stems?

Yes! many guinea pigs favor pumpkin leaves and also stems. It’s vital to offer no an ext than around an customs of pumpkin leaf or stem at a time since these treats room high in calcium. Too lot calcium can add to kidney and also bladder stones.

Can my guinea pig eat pumpkin seeds?

No. Pumpkin seeds are sharp and also brittle. Castle can damage your guinea pig’s teeth, mouth, and throat. Also, pumpkin seeds room high in fat, so her cavy would have a very challenging time digesting castle if consumed.

Can mine guinea pig eat pumpkin skin?

Yes, it’s OK to leave the pumpkin skin on as soon as you’re supplying this treat to her guinea pig.

Can my guinea pig eat cook pumpkin?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat cook pumpkin due to the fact that they can not digest cooked foods.

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Can guinea pigs have pumpkin pie filling?

No, pumpkin pie filling usually has eggs, sugar, and also cream in it and also none of these space safe for cavies come eat. Save the pumpkin pie filling for your own dessert!

Can guinea pigs eat crate pumpkin?

Canned pumpkin (the sort without additives) isn’t an excellent for guinea pigs since it has actually been cooked, and also your guinea pig’s digestive device can’t handle cooked foods. Don’t offer canned pumpkin to your cavy.

Can my guinea pig eat squash?

Yes, squash is great for guinea pigs. You can substitute it because that pumpkin, supplying a one-inch square up to 3 times every week. Try:•Acorn squash•Banana squash•Buttercup squash•Butternut squash•Hubbard squash•Kabocha squash•Delicata squash•Dumpling squash