So you’d think the after the gorilla glue in hair event everyone would shy far from it once it concerns beauty. However I had the maybe really dumb idea of utilizing it for fake nails.

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I always do my very own nails at home, ns don’t like how acrylics destroy your natural nails and you have to pay to save up ~ above it. Occasionally I simply paint my natural nails, however I’ve recently acquired into making use of the fake ones. I like using them a lot, but I feel choose nail glue lasts all of a job or two, and also if you have to do noþeles slightly turbulent they pop best off. I’ve tried numerous kinds of pond glue and also the difficult ones, nothing seems to last.

Would the be feasible or a terrible idea to use super glue to save the fake pond on? As lengthy as you kept it off her skin and also let it dried properly.


If she worried that acrylics destroy your nails, imagine what trying to take superglue off your nails would do to them!

I have actually used superglue to “repair” a herbal nail the broke way back in the organization that is attached to skin, since my selections were come rip much more of the nail off (and it was already 10/10 painful) or uncover a way to save it on. It worked, however it looked choose shit. I execute recommend that over extreme pain, but I execute not recommend it together a matter of choice.

If you check on the package, that actually says its for sure to usage on press on nails. Additionally I've seen fairly a couple of nail techs ~ above Youtube usage them or recommend their client to usage them. I use it rather often, and while the works, like many nail products, there will be some damage.

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Wondering if girlfriend tried this? I'm walk to put falsies on in a job or 2 and wondering if gorilla adhesive is safe. I likewise have Krazy adhesive which is what I'll more than likely use after placing down a clean coat but I think the gorilla glue would certainly work better I'm just scared it's no safe.

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It worked alright, yet I would certainly be 100% certain the nails look an excellent and space what you desire beforehand due to the fact that it’s more tough to take it off best away.

I usage super adhesive all the time , the the exact same as nail glue . It’s simply sold under hardware rather of beauty , it’s not tough to obtain off, I know it’s gross but I commonly will scrape mine off with my teeth and spit the out. . The adhesive doesn’t damages the nail in any method that’s noticeable . That scrapes best off