In chess, a king has actually the power to relocate one square in any kind of direction. The power increases when the game reaches closer come the endgame. But, deserve to a king death a king in chess?No, a king can’t kill a king in chess. Relocating the majesties next to each various other is not allowed in chess as it also puts the an initial king in check which is illegal. However, a king deserve to checkmate an additional king indirectly.

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This deserve to be excellent by either castling or moving the king far from the means of the attacking chess piece. Every these concepts are described ahead in much more detail. So to clarify every the concepts continue reading till the end!
What do you mean by putting your king right into check?Why is that illegal come checkmate a king directly with your king?How to checkmate the king in a legal way?1. King checkmating an additional king by castling2. Checkmating a king by moving your king away from the method of the attacking pieceIncident when a Grandmaster tried to catch a king in chess by mistakeChess Rules for KingConclusionRelated QuestionsCan a king check a king?Can a king kill backwards in chess?What wake up if you kill the king in chess?Can a king record a king?Can a king strike in chess?Who have the right to kill king in chess?Can a king take a king in chess?Can a king stand alongside a king in chess?Can 2 kings challenge each other in chess?Can a king put a king in checkmate?Can friend checkmate through a king?Final Words

What execute you mean by placing your king right into check?

In straightforward words, placing the king right into check method the king is in the threat of being caught on the opponent’s following move.Note that i said, the threat that being captured in the opponent’s following move. The video game of chess end just prior to the king is in reality captured, in ~ the allude when it it s okay checkmated. So technically a king can’t be captured in chess.
A examine occurs as soon as the king is in threat but has means left to get out that the attack. But checkmate is a place in i m sorry the king is in threat and also has no legal methods left to gain out the it.Also psychic a gold rule the chess:You space not enabled to put your king in examine or make a move that exposes it to check.A king can acquire into examine in assorted ways and there room actually three methods the king deserve to respond to acquire out the check.Capturing the attack chess piece.Putting a chess piece in between the attacking piece and also the king in threat.Moving the king to a for sure square.See Related: Can A King kill A Queen In Chess?So these to be some simple concepts you must know. If you interpreted everything appropriately up it spins now, then additional reading will certainly be much less complicated for you. Stop start!

Why is it illegal to checkmate a king straight with her king?

When you shot to catch the opponent’s king directly you space actually relocating your king come the immediately adjacent square of your foe king. And by doing this, you space intentionally moving your king right into check. Hence this is thought about an illegal move.Let’s know this ide of king vs king in chess v an example.

Here together you deserve to see the red spot mark in the image highlights the square controlled by both kings.Now if expect the white king make the efforts to jump on the red spot square in order come checkmate the opponent’s king, ns ask you will certainly it it is in a legal or illegal move
Yes, it will certainly be one illegal move for white to execute this due to the fact that then it will be in check. And we already know the you cannot relocate your king right into check. Thus, that is illegal come checkmate the opponent’s king directly with her king.Also See: can A Pawn check A King? (How? A Beginner’s Guide)
So currently you know, the is illegal to checkmate the opponent’s king v your king directly. Yet is there any kind of legal method to carry out it? Yes, let’s discuss about that!

How come checkmate the king in a legal way?

The legal method to checkmate the opponent’s king with your king is ‘checkmating indirectly v your king’. Below are the 2 ways:

1. King checkmating another king by castling

Checkmating the opponent’s king through castling is very rare and I guess you concerned know this for the very first time, right? Anyways, this is possible, return occurs very rarely.Here’s a famous game played between Paul Morphy and also his opponent where he checkmated the opponent’s king by castling. Let’s recognize this game pointwise.

It is white’s turn to move.White’s king is ~ above e1, the rook on h1, the white king is not in check and also there space no chess piece in between the king and also the rook. All the conditions for castling are fulfilled. Thus, white deserve to castle.Now black’s king is top top c1.White’s queen is ~ above e2 and controls the c2, d2 squares.So, as soon as the white castles the rook come on e1 square and also thus it s okay checkmated.Read Related: deserve to You Castle the end Of Check? (Explained v Rules)This way you have the right to checkmate your opponent’s king. Yet as you have actually noticed, you space actually checkmating the opponent’s king in an indirect way. Currently let’s see the various other method.

2. Checkmating a king by moving your king far from the means of the attacking piece

Another legit way of checkmating the opponent’s king is by relocating away indigenous the means of her attacking chess piece. This is the position of a game and let’s recognize this together well, pointwise.

It is white’s revolve to move.The white king is top top d4, the queen on d2, the knight on g6, the bishop ~ above f7, the rook on f8.Black’s king is top top d6 square.If you very closely notice, every the neighboring squares that the black king are managed by white’s chess pieces.But this is no a stalemate condition since at this allude black still has a move left, the is come d7 square.Now, since it is the white’s turn, the white decides to relocate the king come c4 square and that relocate proves to be very lethal because that black.White’s queen is now directly attacking the black’s king plus, all the other chess pieces of white room assisting the queen. So together you deserve to see, after the white king relocate on d4 square, the black king gets checkmated.Thus in this method you deserve to checkmate the opponent’s king through your king by simply moving far from the means of the attacking chess piece. Although this method is additionally indirect.Now after stating everything, let’s check out a genuine life event when a player tries to record the opponent’s king through mistake.Also Read: Why Is The King for this reason Weak In Chess?

Incident when a Grandmaster do the efforts to record a king in chess by mistake

We normally think that grandmasters are highly superior and also they seldom make any mistake, right?But this is no the case. Lock are additionally humans. They likewise make mistakes. In the following game (GM Vidit Gujrathi vs GM Hikaru Nakamura), Vidit was playing all fine yet then throughout the endgame, he made a mistake.He do the efforts to capture the king that Nakamura i m sorry was entirely illegal move. Nakamura automatically noticed this and also asked the arbiter for help. Then after that, the video game was set up again together usual.Here’s a video of this game by ChessBase India i m sorry you watch to know more about this incident.
Now stop summarize all the important rules about the king in chess, how it moves and captures so that you never get confused again.

Chess Rules for King

#1. A king can move vertically, horizontally and also diagonally in any type of direction but only approximately one action in a single turn.By the way, if girlfriend are brand-new to chess, climate you can examine out my in-depth article on how go the king relocate in chess.#2. A player is not permitted to do a relocate that put the king in examine or exposes the king to check.Also Read: deserve to The kill In Chess? (Explained Case-By-Case)#3. The ultimate goal of a player is to strike the opponent’s king in together a means that there space no legal move left for the king and also this condition is known as checkmate.#4. The player who checkmates the opponent’s king wins the game while the player obtaining checkmated loses the game.#5. The game immediately ends whenever there is a checkmate.#6. If a player’s king is not under attack but still over there no legal move left for that player to make then this condition is well-known as a stalemate.You have the right to read more about the in mine article: Stalemate Vs Checkmate: valuable Guide because that Beginners!So these are some of the simple chess rules for the king.Also, there room some rules you require to know other 보다 these people which you can check out in my detailed article on important checkmate rules.


In a nutshell, girlfriend can’t check or checkmate her opponent’s king if that puts girlfriend in check. Rest, in every the situations you can check or checkmate the opponent’s king with your king.Every move you make in chess is administrate by particular rules and also regulations. If friend violate any kind of of those rules then definitely, your move is thought about an illegal move.But, if girlfriend follow all the rules and also regulations climate you don’t need to worry around anything.Also Read: What Happens when Only The King Is Left?Can A King move Without Check?

Related Questions

Can a king inspect a king?

No, a king can’t check a king because that would placed the first king in inspect which is illegal. However, there are indirect ways to inspect a king prefer castling or moving the king far from the means of the attacking chess piece.

Can a king kill backwards in chess?

A king deserve to kill a chess item up to one action in any kind of direction as long as that doesn’t placed the king in check. However, a king can not kill an additional king because a king have the right to only be checked or checkmated however not be eliminated or captured.

What happens if you death the king in chess?

In chess, you can’t kill the king yet can only check or checkmate it. Therefore after girlfriend checkmating her opponent’s king, you success the game. However, killing or recording the king would certainly be thought about an illegal move.

Can a king catch a king?

No, a king can’t catch a king due to the fact that they space not enabled to stand beside each other. If two queens stand next to each various other then the an initial king likewise gets into inspect which is illegal in chess.

Can a king strike in chess?

Yes, a king can attack in chess as lengthy as doing the doesn’t put it in check. If the foe piece is supported by another opponent piece, climate the king can’t assault it due to the fact that doing the would put the king in inspect which is illegal.

Who can kill king in chess?

No chess piece can kill a king since a video game of chess ends just before the king is captured. However, all the chess piece can give check and checkmate come the king with the exemption of another king which can do that indirectly.

Can a king take it a king in chess?

No, a king can’t take a king in chess since whenever a king make the efforts to method near another king, the an initial king gets into inspect which is illegal. As per the conventional rules, it is not allowed to make a relocate that place the king in check.

Can a king stand alongside a king in chess?

No, a king can’t stand alongside a king because that would placed the very first king in examine which is illegal. However, both kings can be alongside each various other with a space of one square in between them i m sorry is known as opposition in chess.

Can 2 kings confront each other in chess?

Yes, two monarchs can confront each other in chess with a square between them which is known as opposition. However, two emperors can’t move immediately adjacent to every other due to the fact that that would placed the an initial king in inspect which is illegal.

Can a king put a king in checkmate?

Yes, a king can put a king in checkmate however only indirect by one of two people castling or moving the king away from the method of the attacking chess piece. A king can’t examine or checkmate another king directly because the would also put the first king in inspect which is illegal.

Can girlfriend checkmate v a king?

Yes, you have the right to checkmate with a king as long as your king is not in check, or by law so the doesn’t gain into check. However, you also require the assistance of various other chess piece as you can not checkmate with simply a king.

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Final Words

That’s it! hope you favored reading this article. Please carry out share if ns was maybe to resolve all your all doubts. Thanks.And, if you are in search of some great chess commodities then don’t forget to inspect out my chess referrals page.