When you space pregnant, it is hard not come worry about everything friend ingest from vitamin to drinks and also even the foods you eat.

There is a many conflicting information and also sometimes also your physician can’t phone call you unlimited if something is safe or also helpful.

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One of my favourite lunch foodstuffs is chicken salad and one of mine coworkers one day had me second guessing this choice. Friend too may be wondering if that is for sure to eat chicken salad when pregnant.

Why have the right to it be Dangerous?

Chicken salad is typically made native a mixture of mayonnaise in addition to chopped chicken and optionally things favor celery, onion and also even pickles.

If you room purchasing your chicken salad native a deli respond to or even a restaurant the is most likely a good idea to skip the while you space pregnant. This is due to the fact that you have no way of controlling the preparation procedure or knowing just how it was made.

Chicken salad might contain something dubbed listeria. You could contract listeriosis and also pass it along to her unborn baby. Also if you don’t feeling ill, or don’t display ill effects, friend could bring it and also inadvertently injury your fetus.

Do I have actually to give it Up?

You don’t need to quit chicken salad altogether while you room pregnant. Simply start making your very own at home.

Practice safe food preparation habits and also cleaning up completely after each step. Chef the chicken well and also make sure you refrigerate the chicken salad mixture appropriate away. Both chicken and mayonnaise call for refrigeration to prevent any kind of food poisoning or bacterial contamination.

How about the Fixings?

With chicken salad, the is tough not to enjoy a tiny cheese or lettuce to interval or improve the flavor. However, as tasty together they might be, you need to be mindful of i beg your pardon fixings to avoid while pregnant.

The complying with chicken salad add-on’s are on the list of foods to stay away indigenous while pregnant:

Soft/Unpasteurized cheese (For example: Brie, feta, queso fresco)

Raw or Undercooked Sprouts (For example: alfalfa, clover, radish)

Unwashed vegetables (romaine lettuce, carrots, etc.)

These extr dressings might contain E. Coli or Listeria, i m sorry both have actually serious consequences to your health and also that of her baby which encompass the risk of miscarriage.

What are the Warning Signs?

When you space pregnant, you may uncover yourself the town hall for any kind of odd twitch or activity of your body, so the is understandable you could be pertained to if girlfriend experience more obvious ailments.

If you occur to indulge in a delicious chicken salad while the end at a deli or restaurant without learning it isn’t the safest idea, you will desire to it is in on watch because that warning indicators of potential infection.

The warning symptom of Listeria include:




Abdominal cramping and/or pain

Feel favor food poisoning

Stiff neck

Feeling foggy or unalert

Issues v balance

The warning symptoms of E. Coli include:

Diarrhea that is persistent and/or contains blood

Abdominal pain and/or cramping

Nausea and/or vomiting ~ exposure

Other foodstuffs to avoid or Limit


When you space expecting, there space some foods items which have to be avoided to avoid potential health and wellness risks and also harm to both you and your unborn child:

Raw fish or sushi--could contain bacteria or helminth that would certainly make you an extremely ill

Undercooked Meat--even a medium rare steak could have ok effects, it’s best to chef thoroughly to protect against E. Coli or salmonella exposure

Raw Cookie Batter--although very yummy, it could contain salmonella due to the fact that of the raw egg in the recipe

Oysters or Clams--these life foods can be contaminated v a bacteria called Vibrio

Hot Dogs/Lunch Meat--these are ideal to avoid because of feasible exposure to listeria

Anything through uncooked eggs--raw egg could cause salmonella poisoning

Unpasteurized Meat spread or Pate--refrigerated versions could expose you and your baby to listeria; canned ones room fine

Certain varieties of fish--King mackerel, fresh tuna, swordfish can have high levels of mercury

Staying Food safe Throughout your Pregnancy

Looking end these noted items, you may feel that your food selections are restricted or you might be a little an ext paranoid about safe eating throughout pregnancy. However, there space still countless delicious choices.

With a little care and planning ahead, friend will enjoy a full palate of food choices and even treat choices too.

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Hopefully this has actually helped you understand the safety and security concerns about chicken salad while pregnant and how you deserve to avoid coming to be ill or causing injury to your unborn baby. Please leaving a comment or feedback because we gain hearing from ours readers.