In our recent question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses the safety and security of gaining a tattoo while utilizing the acne medication, Accutane (isotretinoin).

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At a glance

Accutane, which consists of isotretinoin, might impair wound healing. Although over there is restricted evidence, most clinical practitioners recommend waiting 6 to 12 months after stopping isotretinoin to experience skin measures (like gaining a tattoo) to alleviate the risk of scarring.


It is usually recommended to avoid specific skin procedures, such as tattoos, laser hair removal, and also dermal abrasions because that example, for at least 6 to 12 months after avoiding Accutane (isotretinoin).

There is, unfortunately, a absence of published information on this topic yet we do recognize isotretinoin reasons the skin come become an ext fragile. That is believed to impair wound healing, which can increase the threat of scarring.

Since the process of gaining a tattoo is essentially creating a wound to the skin, over there is problem that the tattoo may not cure appropriately, or take much longer to heal.

One situation study, published in the international Journal of Dermatology, reported the adhering to on the matter:

"Our case illustrates that oral isotretinoin might impair wound heal after tattooing. The tattoo was fairly small, yet one deserve to wonder around the outcomes if the tattoo had been larger."Int J Dermatol . 2017 Oct;56(10):e199-e200.

There is some conflict on this topic however and also the outcomes reported in this details case research are far from definitive or applicable come everyone.

A huge review study, released in JAMA Dermatology, found an extremely limited evidence that isotretinoin impaired wound healing to a far-reaching degree ~ reviewing end 1,400 skin measures in those exposed come the drug.

Nevertheless, we might want to follow the old adage the "better safe than sorry" here.

You desire your tattoo to look its best on her skin and also it would be prudent to stop anything thatmay impair just how your skin heals after the procedure.

About Accutane

Accutane consists of isotretinoin, a vitamin A derivative. That is well-known as a "retinoid".

It works to law acne via a variety of mechanisms, yet overall, the decreases sebum production and reduces the development of comedones and also acne lesions.

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Due come the serious risk of birth defects, it have the right to only be obtained after being enrolled in the iPledge program.