Hydrocodone is an opioid substance used in many prescription medications to law cough and also pain. Hydro-codon is available in formulations of pure hydrocodone (Hysingla, Zohydro) or in mix with various other pain relievers like ibuprofen (Vicoprofen) or paracetamol (Vicodin, Lortab, Norco) 1,2.

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Hydrocodone produce effects comparable to other opioids, consisting of oxycodone and morphine 3.

It is the most frequently prescribed opioid pains reliever in the US. That the 207 million prescriptions because that pain medicines in 2013, hydrocodone accounted for roughly 124 million of them; in other words, roughly 60% of all painkiller prescriptions are for hydrocodone 4. High prescription rates like these contribute to the ever-prevalent trouble of opioid abuse in the U.S.

According to the medicine Enforcement Administration, in 2013 2:

More 보다 24 million human being in the U.S. Had actually abused hydrocodone in ~ some suggest in their lives.Over 5% that high school seniors admitted to abusing Vicodin in the previous year.

All those that abuse hydrocodone no necessarily obtaining the medicine illicitly (for example, by purchasing sail prescriptions). Any hydrocodone user—whether or no they organize a prescription—can misuse the drug. Hydrocodone abuse occurs any kind of time a user 3:

Takes an ext of your medication 보다 recommended.Consumes the substance more often than recommended.Takes a prescription from who else.Uses the problem to attain a euphoric high or feeling of relaxation.Changes the technique of ingestion, for instance crushes and snorts it, come heighten the drug’s effects.

Does Snorting Hydrocodone reason a quicker High?

 Yes. Snorting hydrocodone can reason a much faster (and much more dangerous) high in countless situations.

Any time a person alters a drug’s route of administration, the effects of the substance room modified. With many substances, over there is a straight relationship in between the speed of onset and the strength of the medicine effects. Results that room slower to build will last much longer but provide a much less euphoric influence. Results with a faster onset (such together those completed by snorting and injecting) which strong, but in countless cases, they will last because that a much shorter amount the time.

The action of amplifying the absorb of or release of a drug into the system to maximize the concentration of energetic substance in the mind is recognized as “dose dumping” 5. Dose dumping is a dangerous phenomenon in terms of enhancing the threat of adverse medicine effects, drug toxicity and/or overdose, as well as the potential because that addiction.

Extended-release formulations are commonly abused because they save on computer larger amounts of hydrocodone. When a long-acting medication is tampered with, the substance the is meant to be soaked up over a long period is obtainable immediately. While there is a solid appeal because that those search an intense high, the risks of bypassing the extended-release device are significant 4,5. As among the main risks, overdose may easily an outcome from an prompt release that a large amount the hydrocodone.

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Side Effects

While no user is immune come the side effects of it, those who abuse the drug might experience progressively severe effects compared with those that take it according to the prescription. These side impacts may include 1,11:

Rapid mood changes.Increased worry and also anxiety.Trouble reasoning clearly.Drowsiness and/or difficulties sleeping.Feeling light or lightheaded.Shakiness.Diminished appetite.Constipation.Stomach pain.Back pain.Headache.Ringing in ears.Dry mouth and throat.Skin troubles (itchiness, rash).Problems urinating.

Depending on the individual and also the magnitude of drug use, more troublesome and potentially dangerous side effects of hydro codon use can emerge, such as 1,11:

Nausea and uncontrollable vomiting.Slowed or inconsistent breath patterns.Lack the coordination; ns of engine control.Frequent periodic loss of consciousness.Coma.

New or worsening mental wellness symptoms, such as agitation, confusion, and also hallucinations (auditory or visual).

People snorting hydrocodone commodities containing acetaminophen, such together Vicodin, hazard liver toxicity if big enough amounts are spend 2, as acetaminophen take away in overfill may damage the liver.

People snorting Vicodin and other hydrocodone commodities put themselves at threat of other impacts relating specifically to sleep insufflation. These threats include 7:

Tissuenecrosis, or serious tissue injury within the nasal cavity.Nasal crusting.Perforated nasal septum or palate—holes or tearing in the nose and also roof of the mouth.Facial pain and also swelling.Ear pain.Trouble swallowing.Nosebleeds.Sinus congestion or running nose.

Can Snorting Painkillers reason an Overdose?


Yes. Snorting painkillers prefer hydrocodone can easily result in one overdose, specifically in the case of expanded release formulations (e.g., Zohydro).

Any misuse of prescription opioids boosts the danger of overdose, and also opioid overdose is a major concern in the United claims 3. Painkillers choose hydrocodone accounted for 19,000 deaths in 2014—more 보다 3 time the number viewed in 2001 3. Hydrocodone/acetaminophen products, in particular, account for much more than 1 out of every 7 overdoses 5.

An overdose is rarely a risk for human being that use the medication together prescribed, however the risk rises when people manipulate the substance to improve the high 4. Just one big dose of hydrocodone can cause an overdose 3. Additionally, mixing it with various other substances that may slow breathing— including alcohol and also sedatives prefer benzodiazepines—lead to an ext frequent harm 3.

Overdose is also much more likely among those that take higher doses come combat raising tolerance. As tolerance to a medicine builds, the substance might no longer develop the solid effects it once did. Human being with a high tolerance to hydrocodone will regularly consume high sheep to overcome the decrease in perceived high but, in law so, increase their chances of overdose. Compounding overdose dangers is the fact that tolerance is fluid. If someone has not used it for part time and returns to use at the exact same dose, your body might be unprepared because that the strong effects and also experience one overdose 4.

Signs of hydro codon overdose include 1,3,11:

Marked alters in pupil size; college student unreactive to light stimuli.Breathing problems significant by slowed, shallow, irregular, or stopped breathing.Irregular,slowed, or stoppedheartbeat.Cold or blue skin, lips, or fingernails.Extreme weakness, ns of coordination.Profound drowsiness; obtundation.Loss that consciousness/coma.Uncontrollable vomiting.Seizures.Death.

Signs that Someone is Addicted come Hydrocodone

Snorting hydro-codon is attached to boosted risk of addiction 4. This is because of the brief time in between snorting the substance and experiencing the high. Someone who continually snorts hydro codon will come to be conditioned to associate hydro codon use v the pleasant results of dopamine gift released in the brain 3. In part cases, the synthetic surges of dopamine associated with drug use can be so lucrative that the addicted separation, personal, instance will look for to repeat usage without regard come the undesirable or dangerous aftermath that might transpire.


Someone the is addicted come hydrocodone may 8:

Use hydrocodone in larger amounts for longer periods the time.Spend excessive quantities of time attempting come acquire and also ingest the drug.Spend a the majority of time recovering from the affect of the drug.Have strong cravings to usage the drug.Display increasing problems in developed relationships.Be can not to alleviate or finish their use in the long term.Struggle to maintain responsibilities in ~ home, work, or school.

Someone that is particularly snorting hydrocodone may screen other indications that can indicate the existence of a trouble include:

Possessing devices to crush and snort the powder consisting of straws, mirrors, and credit cards.White powdery problem on their clothes, hands, or nose.Sniffing or wiping their nose often.

Remember, also someone prescribed the medication have the right to be addicted come hydrocodone 3.

Getting Help

 Major obstacles to beginning a drug-free life room the unwanted and uncomfortable withdrawal symptom that present when someone who is dependent on hydro codon ends usage or abruptly decreases their intake 9,10.

Symptoms developed by hydrocodone withdrawal incorporate 9,11:

Restlessness and agitation.Pain in muscles and bones.Inability come sleep.Diarrhea.Cold flashes.Teary eyes.Runny nose.Cramps.Goose bumps.Loss of appetite.Nausea.Vomiting.Changes in breathing and also heartbeat.Involuntary muscle twitches.

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For someone who is addicted, experiencing withdrawal, and also needing aid to quit, there are a selection of treatment options10:

The abuse of prescription opioid medications in the us is one epidemic that proceeds to insurance claim many lives and also cause selection of harmful effects. To mitigate the hazard of enduring these effects firsthand, think about seeking treatment. Professional treatment can offer you her life back. To start the process, speak to 1-888-744-0069 that Answers? today.