Trading with friends is one of the best ways come get every one of the Pokemon available in Pokemon GO, but some players room curious around legendary trades.

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Pokemon GO is fill with many different Pokemon of differing types, appearances, and also abilities. Few of the rarest Pokemon, however, space the legend Pokemon, countless often gift only easily accessible for minimal amounts the time or through completing tasks.

With one of the greatest parts of Pokemon gift the encourage of trading, plenty of Pokemon GO players trade Pokemon with friends. This also helps players occupational toward collecting them all and also completing your in-game Pokedex.

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since legendary Pokemon space rare, it makes since for part players wanting to share any type of extras they have with friends who don\"t have them. However, trading legend Pokemon can be more complicated for some players much more than others.

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legendary Pokemon can, in fact, be traded in Pokemon GO. There is, however, a steep price for them that numerous players can not be able to afford.

favor with powering up Pokemon, trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO also costs players stardust. The price of the profession is based upon what type of Pokemon is gift traded, and how nearby the relationship between the two profession parties are.

once trading legendary Pokemon, the base price of the profession will cost player 1,000,000 stardust. This price deserve to be reduced to 20,000, if the player receiving the Pokemon currently has that legendary Pokemon registered in their Pokedex. As players boost their friendship v each other, this price will certainly go down.

If players space trading with a legendary Pokemon while as an excellent Friends, the profession will expense 800,000 stardust if unregistered, or 16,000 stardust if registered. At the Ultra girlfriend level, the trade will then go down to 80,000 because that unregistered legend Pokemon and 1,600 because that registered. Finally, when players reach the level of best Friends, the legend price for unregistered Pokemon will be 40,000 and also a measly 800 stardust for registered Pokemon.

Players deserve to only profession one legendary Pokemon or shiny Pokemon in one day. Pokemon that room traded in alternating forms or event costumes the the various other player hasn\"t derived yet are additionally counted together unregistered.

While most legendary Pokemon can be traded, mythical Pokemon cannot be traded. The only exemption to this dominance is Meltan and Melmetal. Through this in mind, all current Pokemon that cannot it is in traded are:

Mew Celebi Jirachi Deoxys (Normal Form, strike Form, Defense Form, and also Speed Form) Darkrai Victini Genesect friend Pokemon Pokemon defending gyms Pokemon not at full health egg zero Pokemon Pokemon that have currently been traded

while these restrictions may seem harsh, they would be advantageous in the situation someone\"s account was compromised and also someone attempted come steal your Pokemon away. With shiny Pokemon additionally following these prices, however, it might make it difficult for players to trade some of their extra shiny Pokemon.