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Does Starbucks take EBT? room you wonder if Starbucks accepts EBT as a form of payment? we are right here to clear up some that the confusion and also answer few of your questions around the differences between Starbucks this firm locations and also licensed stores.

It is to our knowledge that some of the Starbucks locations do expropriate EBT as payment, yet this is not always the case. Us have spoken with a Starbucks customer company care representative in stimulate to acquire a much better understanding on even if it is EBT is actually an accepted kind of payment. Learn more about it below!


Readers have likewise suggested that sometimes it functions inside grocery stores. We encourage reader to inspect with the Starbucks place they are visiting prior to making your purchases in order come make sure that castle have different payment options available to them.


Corporate stores versus licensed Stores


A Low earnings Relief reader named Brumar explained the specific differences in between the Starbucks that company locations and the licensed store areas in a 2016 Facebook post on our page. Brumar defined that,

“Non-corporate Starbucks shop (like the ones in Target or inside a Marriott Hotel) are referred to as Licensed Store places which way the organization they space attached to lease Starbuck’s name, logo, recipes, the Starbucks look, practices, operations, etc and pay Starbucks a particular percentage the their earnings in exchange. That’s why you can use an EBT card in the licensed save location however not in a corporate keep location. . . Because LS areas are set up v EBT handling while corporate places are not.”


It appears that this may still be very accurate, yet something that Starbucks does not encourage because that these licensed store locations to accept EBT together payment.

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So, go Starbucks accept EBT?

After speaking through a Starbucks customer service chat representative, there to be a few things that us learned. The representative defined that, “Starbucks, as policy, does not accept food stamp cards for payment at its company-operated stores. However, some of our licensees, particularly those within grocery stores, may accept these for payment.”

The representative was also an extremely adamant that many locations within grocery store stores will accept EBT as payment, however it is encouraged to not enable this practice as the bulk of the Starbucks locations follow this firm policies. “The accept of this programs as a type of payment is typical within the grocery store industry and also our licensees room committed to following all laws and also rules of the separation, personal, instance programs. Once this object arises, Starbucks proceeds to interact to ours licensees the we perform not recommend this practice,” they said.

Find your Starbucks Location

As a disclaimer, remember to constantly check v the Starbucks place nearest girlfriend to check out if they expropriate EBT. Try using the keep Locator for the Starbucks Coffee Company!