Come gain the serenity, wildlife, ecosystem and majestic beauty beauty of the 10,000 islands right here in the Everglades nationwide Park and surrounding area through Captain Craig’s Adventures. Captain Craig is a 7th Generation native to the 10,000 islands, whose family has pioneered the land unifying v the ecosystem and wildlife.

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Let us lug you into our world, viewing and learning about the wildlife and also ecosystem and hearing adventurous stories about our past and also the human being that has actually been through these islands and also their exploits. We are a part of the history and also the local lore and we are excited come share it through you. It’s constantly an adventure with Captain Craigs Adventures!



Adventure into the 10,000 Islands searching for the playful, frolicking dolphins that love to run in the wake behind Captain Craigs boats.


Go shelling ~ above white sand beaches bordering the Gulf that Mexico on virtually untouched islands, finding plenty of different varieties of great shells


Visit Totch’s Island (Totch Brown) the last pioneered island, Fakahatchee island the old residence site, Chatam Bend whereby the outlaw Ed Watson lived and learn around the Calusa Indians and also the history of our area


The majestic beauty, beauty of the roseate spoonbill, Baldeagle, Osprey, heron, egret, cormorant, pelicans, king fishers and also the other birds that roost, feed and also play in these islands is worth the adventure.

Enjoy the serenity the the first breath that dawn together the sun shines ifs warmth on the beauty, beauty of the 10,000 islands.

Come reap the serenity and learn about the mangrove trees, white sand beaches, coral islands and also many different varieties of birds, plants, mammals and sea life

Outdoor treasure searching in the 10,000 islands. We have actually 7 geocaches the are quickly accessible. Join the society It’s a world broad event.

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Enjoy the majestic beauty of the sun kissing the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico and also have the opportunity to endure the green flash the only few see.