Opel AG, based in Rüsselsheim, Germany, is among the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world, v its an initial car produced in 1899. The company itself was established in 1862 by Adam Opel and devoted in sewing machines and bicycles. Opel’s very first cars showed to it is in a good value for money, which led the agency to the leading place on German market. Opel was the very first company in Germany to build a finish assembly heat to boost its production rate. In 1929 the successful agency was got by general Motors, trying to find overseas ventures. The range of light trucks named Blitz was released in the 1930s.

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The surname later inspired Opel owners for the brand-new logo design as it meant ‘lightning’ in German. By the beginning of people War II Opel was the largest auto manufacturer in Europe. However, later on Opel plants were very first seized by the Nazi government, and then through the Soviets as war time reparation. The firm managed come revive ~ the war, however never equaled its significant role in an international automotive industry it had actually had before. This day the GM-owned brand largely operates in Europe and also sells its car under Buick name in phibìc America and also Vauxhall in good Britain.


Opel has had actually a variety of different logos throughout the history. That all started with Adam Opel initials, design in bronze and red colors. Number of badges were shifted at the beginning of the 20th century prior to the introduction of a ‘blue eye’ logo design in 1910. The almond form looked like an eye, filled v blue color. The company’s surname was created inside. It actually represented a zeppelin, the company’s brand-new symbol.

A brand-new logo, special a stylized grey zeppelin, flying v a yellow circle, was presented in 1937. Yellow circle was later replaced v a grey one. Through the end of airship era Opel was in search of a new logo and also a zeppelin was replaced with an airplane.

That logo was design in pale orange color. It was in 1964 that Opel very first used a lightning symbol, introduce to the Blitz truck (translated together lightning native German) that helped the company to revive after civilization War II. The emblem was an initial designed in grey color. In the 1980s the firm updated the emblem, turning it black and completing v a distinctive Opel inscription.

In 2002 the German car manufacturer introduced a new logo, special a 3D shape and painted in gradient shades of silver color. The golden Opel surname was placed below the emblem. The existing emblem, presented in 2008, functions an elegant yet strong and spicy horizontal lightning, embedded into a silver and also black circle with the brand’s name at the top.

Logo Description


The present Opel logo functions an iconic spicy lightning, installed into a circle. The one is additionally adorned v the company’s surname at the top. The lighting has actually been offered in Opel logo since 1964, if the latest 3D version is designed follow to modern graphic standards.

Shape the the Opel Symbol


The lightning, cast in the circle, is sharp and also elegant, highlighting the quality and also style of Opel vehicles. The is design in the form of a extended ‘Z’ letter. The agency name is written in distinctive letters at the top part of the circle.

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Color the the Opel Logo


The emblem that Opel is design in number of hues of silver- color, and additionally features black shades. The silver- lightning is adorned with black shades, when the Opel name at the peak of the emblem is printed in black letters. It is the very first emblem of the German firm in long time, deprived of any yellow elements.