In the collection Friends everybody\"s tasks are well-known except Chandler\"s. He was very an excellent in math and also he did work with some sort of accounting or auditing job, periodically with the help of a computer or perhaps some kind of computer software. Also, it was implied the he to be very an excellent at his job and also he to be paid with a good amount of salary.

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What to be his job?



He operated in various positions transparent the series in a data handling company. He was at first a temp in data handling for five years and also later advocated to data processing supervisor. This is displayed in S01 E15 The One with the Stoned Guy

From Wikipedia article of Chandler Bing,

Chandler functions as one IT procurements manager v the specialization Statistical evaluation and data reconfiguration, which the takes up together temporary work and, regardless of working in the industry for years, extensively loathes. It is viewed in countless exterior shots that he functions at the Solow Building.

In S08 E21 The One through the cooking Class, the gets ready for a task interview. He mentions the surname of his job.

Joey: Sure, I have the right to hang out ‘til I have actually to accomplish ya. (To Chandler) What uh—How come you’re not going?

Chandler: I have a task interview I have actually to acquire ready for.

Joey: I thought you already have a job.

Chandler: and also people to speak you nothing pay attention. No, this is a much far better job. It’s vice-president of a agency that does data reconfiguration and statistical factoring for other companies.


In S09 E10 The One with Christmas in ~ Tulsa, the quits the job.

Monica: What\"re you doing here?

Chandler: I want to be with you. I missed friend so much.

Joey: Hey, hey, uh, that did you miss the most?

Chandler: Monica.

Joey: Gotcha. (blinks one eye)

Chandler: I never ever wanna leaving you again!

Monica: yet I thought if you left, you get fired.

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Chandler: turns out lock can\"t fire me. Because ns quit.

Monica: What?


After quitting the job, Monica help Chandler certain a job in advertising. Quoting indigenous the exact same Wikipedia article

Monica helps Chandler for sure a job in proclaiming through an old colleague friend of hers. Lot to Chandler\"s dismay, he starts as one intern, which leaves him in the awkward place of working alongside people who are substantially younger than he is. However, his more mature strategy eventually payment off, and he secures a full time job in the service as a small copywriter, even though he only expected to obtain an assistant position.

So, he worked in a data processing firm for a long time together a it procurements manager and also later he worked in one advertising firm as a Junior advertising copywriter.