My 2006 9-7x has been under for 5 months due to cylinder 1 AFM lifter collapsing. I tried flushing the engine and also squirting Berryman carb cleaner down the push rod, however the lifter is dead. So, i am seriously considering act the job-related myself come replace all of the AFM lifters. Has actually anyone on the forum excellent this prior to or carry out does anyone have links, videos, etc. That reflects details tearing down a 5.3 engine while it is in the truck? I take into consideration myself an typical shade tree mechanic. I very own 6 vehicles and also have performed every my own auto job-related for the last 25 years. I"ve rebuilt a couple of engines and automatic transmissions. So, I"m no an expert, yet I haven"t operation into any type of repair instance I couldn"t handle, hit wood.I"ve placed together a "possible" parts list. I might not have to replace every little thing below. For instance, the cam, pushrod and also rocker arm may be fine. Every little thing comes increase to about $1000.Lifters AFM (8) (GM 12619820) $313.52Camshaft (GM 12569525) $156.15Oil press sensor (GM 12616646) $46.58Timing chain (GM 12646386) $33.93Camshaft sprocket (GM 12576407) $28.47Crankshaft sprocket (GM 12556582) $21.02Rocker arm (GM 10214664) $10.38Push rod (GM 10238852) $14.12Valve stem seal collection (Fel-Pro SS71039) $25.00Head gasket set (Fel-Pro HS26190PT2) $165.79Head bolt set (Fel-Pro ES72220) $21.99Timing set (CLOYES C3220) $31.79Camshaft bearing set (Clevite SH2125S) $24.79VLOM (Valve lifter oil manifold) GM 12580901 $311.20 (already sourced NOS)Driver side rocker cover to fix possible PCV issue any kind of pointers would certainly be substantially appreciated! BTW, mine engine sound exactly like the 5.3 in this Sierra: mine #1 lifter is fell down like in this video (not the very same truck as the Sierra above), although there is less play in the rocker arm:

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are friend going to store AFM? thought about ditching it? ns don"t understand anything about AFM. Do you think friend really have to replace the valley cover? can you maybe just flush the passages?the gasket set should incorporate valve seals.ARP head bolts room a tiny pricier, yet you don"t need to torque come yield. So girlfriend don"t require the edge wrench. No a large deal when you"ve acquired it on an engine stand yet when the in the engine bay gaining x levels of rotation may be an issuepull the radiator, condenser, and also ac hoses and also there is many of room. Also, examine out camaro, g8, fullsize truck etc sites for deals, many of world who delete AFM have parts to gain rid of, for example that sink cover is obtainable on a g8 site been on there because that a while so you have the right to probably lowball them