„But once you check out a book, what friend see space black squiggles top top pulped timber or, increasingly, dark pixels ~ above a pale screen. To change these icons into characters and events, you have to imagine. And also when you imagine, you create.“

— Mohsin Hamid, book How to acquire Filthy well-off in rising Asia

Source: just how to obtain Filthy rich in rising Asia

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„Be much more concerned through your personality than with your reputation, for her character is what girlfriend are, while her reputation is just what rather think girlfriend are.“

— Dale Carnegie American writer and lecturer 1888 - 1955

„Worry an ext about her character than your reputation. Character is what you are, reputation simply what others think friend are.“

— John wooden American basketball coach 1910 - 2010

Variant: Be much more concerned through your character than your reputation, due to the fact that your character is what you yes, really are, while her reputation is just what others think girlfriend are.


„Be much more concerned with your character than your reputation. For her character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what rather think you are.“

— Fred Shero former ice hockey player and also coach 1925 - 1990

Jackson, Jim, Walking together Forever: The wide Street Bullies, Then and also Now


„No one of good character pipeline behind a wasted life — even if it is they dice in obscurity or renown. "Character," created the 19th Century evangelist, Dwight Moody, "is what you space in the dark." her character is no tested on occasions of publicly scrutiny or acclaim. That is no tested in moments once the object of her actions is the to the of another. Your character is what you space to yourself, no what girlfriend pretend to it is in to yourself or others. Although human being beings frequently attempt self-delusion, we cannot forever hide the truth about ourselves native ourselves. It will certainly make itself recognized to us by means of our conscience regardless of our many strenuous effort to suppress it.“

— man McCain politician native the United says 1936 - 2018

1990s, decided at Ohio Wesleyan university (1997)

„Your reputation is what you're viewed to be,Your personality is what you yes, really are“

— John wood American basketball coach 1910 - 2010

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„And therefore what stays in our lives? What stays in this whole, entire people to do? and also like ns was saying, whereby does Mr. Mind take it you and put girlfriend every time? where does that mind place you? It areas you every time at a ar that has actually nothing to execute with the outrageous that has nothing, has actually nothing to execute with the with the beautiful, has nothing to execute with the incredible, has nothing to v anything other than darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness. And this is where the psychic puts you.“

— Prem Rawat controversial spirituality leader 1957

Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, ~ above Sunday, April 1978, printed in divine Times April/May 1978 Volume 7, Number 31970s