introduced Hank Garland as "one of the ideal guitar players everywhere in the country", ... Garland worked with native 1957 to 1961, and also was playing on the soundtrack because that the movie "Follow the Dream" when his 1959 Chevy wanderer station wagon crashed close to Springfield ....

The music is still in his fingers.

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Place a guitar in the hands of legendary Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland and he"s quickly plucking strings, playing along with a black and also white television picture of self from 4 decades earlier on "Hometown U.S.A".

Ask him around the mythic numbers he"s worked with in Nashville, and also he"ll pause and smile - virtually as if to offer his mind time hunterriverpei.come rewind - prior to answering. Presley? "He was actual nice", Garland said.

Four years after an auto accident almost killed him and ended his excellent music career, Garland is fighting ill health, trying to pry royalties the end of previous record hunterriverpei.companies and talking through Hollywood about a movie based on his life.

Time was, Garland to be the talk of Nashville, well-known for music riffs that could take a record from humdrum hunterriverpei.come dazzling, as he did on hits favor "Little Sister" and also "Big Hunk the Love". He also pioneered play jazz in the country music capital.

"He is heralded as a quintessential Nashville studio guitarist", detailed musician wolf Marshall said via email.

In enhancement to, Marshall said, Garland added to the music the the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline and also many others; was at the forefront of the absent "n" role movement; enjoyed a call career together a country virtuoso, pioneering the electric guitar at the grand Ole Opry; and also inspired jazz instrumentalists such together George Benson.

Garland"s star burned out hunterriverpei.complying with the September 1961 accident, which together with a collection of 100 shock therapies administered in ~ a Nashville hospital left him a zero of his former self.

But what a job he had.

Garland proudly screens the ukulele that gave him ~ the King played it in the movie "Blue Hawaii". Garland also participated in" Jailhouse absent concert in Memphis, Tenn.

* presented Garland together "one that the ideal guitar players everywhere in the country", said his younger brother, Billy Garland.

Garland worked with native 1957 to 1961, and also was playing on the soundtrack for the movie "Follow that Dream" once his 1959 Chevy nomad station wagon crashed close to Springfield, Tenn., throw Garland indigenous the car and also leaving him in a hunterriverpei.coma because that months.

Billy Garland insurance claims it to be no accident, yet an attempted hit by who in the Nashville record scene. He has photos reflecting bullet holes in the car.

He doesn"t understand who bespeak his brother"s shock treatments, however they left that with little short-term memory.

"You don"t take a man"s brains away from him", Billy Garland said.

A hospital report consists of the notation: "He has no storage now. He"s retarded".

Hank Garland theatre his guitar in his Orange Park home to a video clip of among his 1950"s vintage performances.
Hank Garland had to relearn every little thing from wade to talk to playing the guitar. The walks through a cane and has other health problems, his brother said.

For the past 4 decades, Garland, now 73, has lived a quiet existence. A stems in Billy Garland"s residence shows the depth and also breadth the Hank"s meteoric career.

His detailed session logbook reads prefer a "Who"s Who" the the stars of country music - Brenda Lee, net Pierce, Bobby Helms, Kitty Wells, Johnny Horton, Mel Tilis, ray Price, Marty Robbins, Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Hank Snow, Porter Wagner, Boots Randolph, Conway Twitty, Hank Williams ...

The walls of the house where Garland stays are extended with photos of him v Nashville"s height stars.

One mirrors him standing beside Patsy Cline as she sings into a microphone. He play on her classics, including Crazy" and "I autumn to Pieces".

"I just remember she vaguely", Garland said.

Another photograph shows Garland v the Everly Brothers. Garland was featured ~ above the recordings that "Bye farewell Love" and also "Wake up tiny Susie" in 1957. Another shows Roy Orbison and Hank, who operated with him on the access time "Pretty Woman" and also "Only the Lonely".

A native of Cowpens, S.C., Garland started playing etc at age 6 and also radio shows at age 12. That was uncovered at a Spartanburg, S.C. Music store at 14, where he visited buy a guitar string.

Paul Howard, leader that the Arkansas noodle Pickers, heard Hank"s playing and also was impressed. He took Garland with him to Nashville, however child labor laws soon placed his professional playing job on organize until he to be 16.

When returned, he collection the country music capital on fire.

He had actually his an initial million-selling struggle at period 19, through "Sugar Foot Rag", a legendary country tune.

In 1954, along with his close friend, Billy Byrd, Garland invented a brief scale neck guitar for Gibson Guitars. In respect of the two, the etc was well-known as the "Byrdland".

In 1960, Garland recorded what he insurance claims was the an initial jazz album ever before done in Nashville, "Jazz Winds native a brand-new Direction".

Like numerous artists the the 50s and also 60s, Garland receives no royalties from any type of of the record service providers still marketing his works. Make the efforts by his family to collection what they believe is as result of him have actually been unsuccessful.

Garland has filed a hunterriverpei.commonwealth lawsuit over authorship that the 1957 Christmas standard "Jingle Bell Rock" in hunterriverpei.commonwealth court in Jacksonville seek royalties indigenous the record. Bobby Helms, prior to his death in 1997, claimed that he and also Garland created the song yet never got credit or royalties since they to be under contract as artists and also not writers.

Warner/Chappell music firm has filed a activity to dismiss the fit claiming that Garland"s cases are barred by the statute of limitations.

And for the second time due to the fact that he quit playing, the family is reviewing a movie script based on Hank"s life. It"s called "Crazy", but so far there space no firm transaction to do it. A previous movie transaction starring Jerry Reed together Hank fell through.

"He to be born through talent", claimed Garland"s brother Billy. "A God-given talent".

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