The Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor problem remains among those worries that deserve to mimic or command you to think other troubles exist v the vehicle. The perfect example is when this part sets a code P0128 in memory.

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The trouble code stands for coolant temperature below thermostat regulation temperature. That"s the official an interpretation from mine OBD II diagnostic password book. Retrieving this trouble code might lead girlfriend to believe it"s time to change the thermostat.A fast search ~ above the Internet could lead friend to think that you have to replace the water pump. It"s easy to buy into this type of quick diagnosis. Specifically since, problems with the water pump and finding it essential to change the thermostat ~ above vehicles v over 100,000 miles remain commonplace.

However, if the fail is through the Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor, replacing the thermostat and water pump i do not care a for sure waste of time.

In this write-up we"ll talk around how to identify the coolant temperature sensor is actually the problem with the vehicle and not the various other possibilities the exist.

Above you"ll watch the component place diagram for the coolant sensor. If girlfriend can uncover the number one spark plug boots you"ll uncover the sending unit. You"ll need a 19 mm deep socket, yet a 3/4 conventional size also works.

Another point to mention, in this article we"re concentrating on the Chevrolet V-8 engine. This consists of the 4.8 L, 5.3 L and the 6.0 l workhorse engines. With that said, the coolant temperature sensor discussed in this write-up finds its means into countless other Chevrolet, Buick and also GMC truck engines.

Chevrolet Coolant Temperature Sensor Symptoms

First, let"s clear the air and also state the this specific Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor is not well-known for its extreme reliability. This doesn"t mean that every vehicle that has one demands one replaced, yet it appears that very couple of of this trucks will make it through its natural life cycle with the original coolant temperature sender installed. What we likewise need to do clear is the symptoms associated with the negative Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor can vary greatly. Permit me use the very first and 2nd vehicles that aided me find this common break down as prime instances of the varied symptoms. The first Chevy truck was a 2003 Silverado v a 5.3 together V-8 engine. The customer complained the inspect engine light to be on, the truck ran poorly and stalled periodically at idle. This is the automobile that set the P0128 because that the engine coolant temperature below threshold. As soon as I traction the data stream increase on my automotive scanner the coolant temperature check out -30°F. The present outside temperature continued to be in the short 80s.


If you deserve to imagine the difference in the fuel mixture compelled to run an engine at -30°F than at 80°F climate you have the right to understand why this truck ran poorly and also stalled. Here"s the allude I wanted to do on this details problem. This Chevrolet truck had a negative crankshaft sensor six months ago. The driver feeling the symptom of the coolant temperature issue and also that of the crank sensor difficulty remained comparable in nature. In fact, as soon as the customer referred to as me to collection up the appointment they claimed they believed the crank sensor was going negative again. On the second vehicle a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe, the driver"s complaint ended up being a waiting conditioning mechanism not cooling properly. The owner additionally stated the engine cooling fan ran all the time on part days. The root cause of the problem pointed ago to the Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor. This is among those defective computer monitored sensors that can lead you down the wrong path of diagnosis v a misleading symptom list.

Replacing the Chevrolet Coolant Temperature sending out Unit

The very first thing we should briefly comment on becomes the ar of the Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor.

On both the V6 4.3 together Vortec engine and also the 4.8 L, 5.3 L and 6.0 l V-8 engines, they locate the coolant temperature sensor ~ above the driver side cylinder head. On the V-8 models it"s next to the number one spark plug cable boot.

On the V6 models it"s a small further back. Obviously, you should never effort this DIY auto repair operation on a heat engine. Once the engine is cold girlfriend will need to decide on even if it is to drain some coolant off. When you eliminate the old sensor you’ll shed some Dexcool extended life antifreeze quickly. If friend can obtain the brand-new part threaded within a couple of seconds, you won"t shed that much antifreeze.

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With the said, on high purpose of use engines, now can be a great time to do a preventive maintenance service at the exact same time. Thus we introduce draining the end the old coolant. Note that both the manufacturing facility installed Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor and the replacement component have subject sealer currently installed top top the threads. The official size that the sending unit is a 19 mm wrench or socket. However, if girlfriend don"t have a metric wrench in that huge size you can use a typical three-quarter inch mix wrench or socket.If friend curious to check out what it takes to change the Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor a gentleman on YouTube placed together a video clip showing girlfriend how. If you want to see what else we cover below on the settle my old ride website visit the house page.