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complete device from a 03.everything!even the blower&AC box.and currently all the home windows sweat favor a beer bottle.the exact same as mine younger trucks.the vents even blow more tough too!recommended to every my other warmer climate 95-97 4banging"s 100% worth every penny.

Re: miscellaneous you must know about your 95-97 2.2 AC systemTo include to this upgrade.the larger pulley ~ above the newer style compressor appears to act choose an underdrive,it doesnt lag down the truck favor the original system did with the original AC device the currently slow 2.2 was really slow,now not as bad.loving it.
Re: miscellaneous you must know around your 95-97 2.2 AC system
So what all did you change in a list and how go you put it together? might we get much more pics?Since the more recent compressors don"t have actually the sensors constructed in, i am curious what every you had actually to do. Specifically with rewiring the stock mechanism connections...
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Re: something you have to know around your 95-97 2.2 AC system
While I"m content v the power of my air conditioner (96 2.2L reg cab), i have always felt the blower sucked on this truck. The increased air circulation interests me. Is the motor or squirrel cage different? I always wondered if the squirrel cage on my S-10 to be purposefully made to blow much less volume due to the fact that of the smaller cab versus an extensive cab or a Blazer, but I"ve always been come lazy to inspect if there is a part number difference.

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Re: something you have to know about your 95-97 2.2 AC system
I think the squirrel cages room the same and also so room the boxes between the blazers and also pickups. However the SUV"s have actually an external instance over the main instance to insulate it i suppose. And as much as switches go, there are tough lines from the evap come the condensor that have actually a high push switch (4.3) native I desire to say around 95-97 however I"m unsure that the years. And also the low press switch can be discovered on the dryer/condensor appropriate there at the blower box, so the would work-related for your hi/low push switches....but I recognize the newer setups use a variable press switch that actually monitors the system instead of having a pre-determined hi/low cut-off points.I"m interested in this as well though, in situation my 94 compressor ever before fails, ns may just go that route since I"ll have to replace the dryer anyway and most that those parts deserve to be found for cheap. Go the compressor mount right up without any alteration and how much longer of a belt space you using?I have actually a brand-new condensor (bought in 08) in mine truck, and also I don"t think they adjusted any native 94 on...but I might be wrong. The main thing is to acquire the air circulation over the condensor at idle, that"s wherein it yes, really counts and also where an e-fan can be useful.I"d really prefer to watch if there"s a means to mount the change compressors ~ above the 92-95 CPI"s together they supplied the fixed rate and also cycled the clutch instead.
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