Is avocado lime ranch her favorite dressing in ~ Chick-fil-A? Don"t be disappointed that they don"t offer it; we"ve gained you spanned with ours copycat recipe the tastes even far better than the real deal! This very versatile dressing is fast to make and also packed with flavor.

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All of the high top quality real ingredients for this remarkable dressing are simple to uncover at your neighborhood grocery store. In fact, girlfriend probably have most of lock in her pantry.

Dairy: Buttermilk makes this taste creamy and also helps rise the acidity.Oil: Extra virgin olive oil provides a exorbitant flavor.Citrus: Freshly squeezed lime juice renders this dressing taste fresh and citrusy.Vegetables: Ripe Hass avocados provides the creamy texture.Acid: White distilled vinegar help balance the flavors and provides an ext acid.Spices: Cumin, dill, garlic and also onion powder, salt, and also pepper all occupational together to make the flavors pop.Sweetener: White granulated sugar, or your sweetener that choice, add to a touch of sweetness.Condiments: complete fat mayo makes this extra creamy. If you require this lower in fat, choose low fat mayo.


Does Chick-fil-A sell their dressings?

No. Together of 2020, this renowned fast food chicken restaurant started selling their dipping sauces at the restaurant and also in supermarkets. If you want their salad dressings, you have to go to the restaurant and also ask them for an extra dressing packet once you order your salad.

What is in your most popular dressing?

To quote Chick-fil-A, avocado lime ranch is "a twist on the initial ranch, this Southwest layout dressing includes creamy avocado, spices, and just the best amount of lime to liven up any salad."

Is avocado lime ranch dressing healthy?

Three tablespoons the Chick-fil-A"s dressing save on computer 310 calories, 32g fat, and also 520 mg sodium. For the exact same serving size, ours copycat dressing has 137 calories, 14g fat, and also 115mg sodium.

What go this dressing taste like?

It has a creamy texture thanks to the avocado and also a fresh delicious taste from the lime juice. It"s like combining guacamole, environment-friendly goddess and ranch dressing all right into one.


This functional dressing tastes an excellent on summer salads, however also try it on:

Chicken wrapsBeef, chicken, or vegetables pattiesScrambled eggsGrilled shrimp and also fishBurrito bowls and tacosGrains, choose rice and also quinoaFresh life veggies as a dip

How come Make

Gather every the ingredients.


Start with including the avocado to the food processor. You can mash the or chop that then include the mayo.


Next add the acid ingredients: buttermilk, vinegar, and fresh lime juice.


Follow this up through the dried spices and the sugar.


Blend till smooth, utilizing a spatula come scrape down the sides.

Slowly include the oil if the food processor is running.


Add the water one tablespoon in ~ a time to gain the consistency girlfriend want; thinner for a dressing, and thicker for a dive or condiment.

Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary, adding an ext acid like lime juice, vinegar or buttermilk. This recipe renders 2 cups.


Store in one airtight glass container, such together a mason jar, then refrigerate for as much as 5 days.



Need this lower in fat? use ¼ cup Greek yogurt and ¼ cup irradiate mayo.Want it more Tex Mex? add fresh cilantro.Need this together a dip or condiment? Don"t add any water.Need this vegan? usage vegan mayo and also water and readjust the lime and also vinegar.

Pro Tips

Avocados space ripe as soon as they yield to a firm, tenderness pressure.Ripen for sure avocados in a document bag through an apologize on the counter for a pair days.Add the oil last while the processor is turn on.Taste and readjust the lime juice, vinegar, and buttermilk.Chill in the refrigerator for one hour or two before using.

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Avocado Lime Ranch - Chick-fil-A Copycat

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