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Answer 8) The answer for over question is allude B “Processing” because processing is an activity in i m sorry the raw data is procedure and analysed, after 보다 is converted right into a form that have the right to be supplied to provide much better results. Prize 9) The answer…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: 8. Converting raw data into a more meaningful type is called a. Catching c. Organizing b. Processing. D. Feedback _9. In a ordered organization, the upper levels consist of: a. Managerial, professional and also c. Professional and operational workers knowledge workers b. Managerial, professional, and d. Managerial, professional, and technical employees operational employees 10. The field that transaction with behavioral issues as well as technical concerns surrounding the development, use, and influence of details systems provided by managers and also employees in the firm is dubbed a details systems literacy. C. Management info systems b. Details systems architecture. D. Information modern technology infrastructure 11. The three primary levels the hierarchies in ~ a company organization space . A. Management, knowledge workers, and management, data workers, and also service employees operational management b. Senior management, middle d. Senior management, operational management, and operational management, and also workers administration 12. A computerized system that performs and records the day-to-day dealings crucial to conduct service is classified together an) a. Executive assistance system. C. Decision support system b. Management-level mechanism d . Transaction-processing device TUR 13. Which form of mechanism would you usage to readjust a production schedule if a an essential supplier to be late in moving goods? a. ESS C. MIS b. TPS d. SCM 14. The hatchet "management info systems" designates a particular category of information systems serving: a incorporated data handling throughout the c. An elderly management fimm b. Transaction process reporting d. Middle management attributes support making decision that room unique, quickly changing, and also not quickly specified in advance. A. Management details systems C. Decision support mechanism b. Transaction handling systems d. Executive assistance systems