⁣That’s a sentence it is come out of mine mouth way too plenty of times due to the fact that I added this tiny hole to mine body ago in 2013.⁣⁣Because of just how teenage me saw it, skinny girls had their belly button pierced, and if I had it pierced climate my stomach would certainly be cuter and also then ns would desire to show it off, which would then placed me in the exact same realm as the various other skinny beautiful girls... ⁣⁣Right? That’s how that works? If that’s true, that little piece the metal had a huge job come do.⁣⁣It was like that tiny ring would certainly make my waist look snatched, lug your eye in, and also somehow do you think i weighed 10 pounds much less than I actually did ⁣⁣Did that work? probably not. It would certainly be weird if it did.⁣⁣Sometimes ns would also take it the end for a day and also stare at my stomach and also think “I simply look so much fatter without it” so ns would put that sucker right back in prior to the feet closed up, due to the fact that I to be fearful of looking on the outside how ns felt around myself on the inside.⁣⁣When was the critical time you’ve ever before looked in ~ a human being with a belly switch ring and also thought “wow, you understand that’s yes, really flattering, they look so much thinner through it pierced” ….LOL probably NEVER. The point wasn’t magic Olivia